Crocodiles have the strongest bite

Crocodiles have the strongest bite ever among animals, as a recent study by paleontologist Gregory Erickson and colleagues found, which used all 23 living crocodiles species in a test to measure the force of the bite, and the results showed that water crocodiles have reached the strength of their jaws Approximately 1678.45 kilograms.[1]


The hippopotamus is one of the strongest animals on earth because of its strong bite. Its bite measures about 128.3102 kilograms. The mouths of these animals are filled with teeth up to 0.60 meters long. Although the hippopotamus is a plant-eating animal, it can attack other animals and humans. .[2]

tiger or jaguar

The tiger is considered the second strongest bite among mammals, and it is one of the strongest bites compared to other large cats, as the bite force reaches approximately 94.91439 kilograms, which is enough to pierce a skull and brain. on cochlear fracture.[2]


Gorillas have a strong bite of about 91.39905 kilograms, and the gorilla’s bite is considered strong due to the strength of the neck muscles, and the use of gorilla jaws has been adapted to chewing hard and strong plants.[2]

spotted hyena

The spotted hyena bite force is approximately 70.30696 kilograms, and these hyenas are characterized by having huge skulls and a large body and strong bites so that they can break the bones of dogs and many other predators,[3] These hyenas are also similar to lions and tigers, and live in large groups containing eighty species of hyenas, and these hyenas hunt in small groups and use many techniques to attack their prey.[4]

the White shark

The white shark is considered one of the most powerful animals that can attack humans, because it is bloody, and it has dangerous and strong teeth so that it does not need additional force to tear prey because its barbed teeth have a bite force estimated at 43.94185 kilograms.[2]

mastiff dogs

The Mastiff is one of the largest dogs in the world. It has a strong bite of up to 35.15348 kilograms, as this dog weighs more than 90.7 kilograms. These dogs have also been used for fighting and entertainment since ancient times, due to their large sizes and strong jaw.[3]

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The strongest animal bite

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