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Thursday March 19, 2020

The strangest hotels worldwide

When we plan for a specific trip or trip we always search for the most appropriate place for the stay and how if we are a fan of adventures and strange and unusual places, we offer a quantity here a number of hotels that are not known to exist and certainly worth discovering and staying in them, and those hotels, according to the evaluation of Trip Advisor, provide visitors with an unforgettable stay

Inntel Hotel Zandam – Amsterdam

This 4star hotel is located in the center of Zaandam, next to the train station leading to lively Amsterdam within 12 minutes. The unique façade of the hotel has been prepared from about 70 typical houses stacked from the region, while each room is inspired by rich local history and decorated with historical pictures of the Dutch scenes Typical

Varalda Crane Hotel – Amsterdam

The Faralda Crane Hotel in Harlingen, Netherlands, is one of the strangest hotels in the world because it is built inside a crane of 50 meters in length and provides an unparalleled stay experience for guests. The hotel includes two types of elevators that provide access to the panoramic lounge at a height of 15 meters and three luxury suites in The upper part of the crane is 3550 meters high

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort – China

The length of the hotel is 100 meters and its width reaches 116 meters, and it occupies an area of ​​300 square meters, with a total area of ​​the project of 95 thousand square meters, but this is not strange to the project only, as the shape of the floors that make up the hotel, forms a halfring whose lights are reflected in forms Different on the surface of Taihu Lake water

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The plane hotel – Netherlands

If you are a fan of airplanes and are about to take a trip to the Netherlands, you can stay in a hotel suite, which is a huge plane It was built during the year 1960 and it is 131 feet long. It contains a fully equipped cockpit, and it includes a luxurious bathroom with sauna and spa and one airconditioned room

Desert Lotus Hotel – Mongolia

It is located 800 kilometers west of Beijing, in the middle of a sea of ​​sand in the Inner Mongolia Desert. The triangular tents that are connected to each other in a circular motion form the hotel design that represents the lotus flower and is completely free of building bricks or tiles and was built from environmentally friendly and carbonreducing materials, to take advantage of solar energy and wind as well as to provide water inside the desert

Going and discovering these hotels is easy thanks to Wego “WEGO”, where you can plan and book these hotels for an unparalleled vacation.

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