The state of Yemen was subordinate to the king of Abyssinia, who was called Al-Najashi. And the governor of Yemen (Abraha) built a great and large church, and Abraha wanted from that to change the destination of the Arab pilgrimage. He makes them make pilgrimages to this church instead of performing the rites of Hajj in the sacred house of God

At that time, Abraha resolved to demolish the Kaaba, and for that he prepared a large army, and placed at the forefront a famous villa among them, whose name is said to be Mahmoud. The Arabs then resolved to fight Abraha. The first person to go out to meet him was a noble man from Yemen called Dhu Nafar. He called his people and they answered his call, and they joined the Abraha army. But he was defeated and taken captive to Abraha

After that, Nufail bin Habib al-Khathami went out and fought Abraha. Abraha defeated them, and Neville was taken captive, and he became a guide for Abraha’s army. Until they reached Taif, men from Thaqif came out and told Abraha that the Kaaba is in Mecca – so that the House of Al-Lat that they built in Taif would not be demolished – and they sent with the army one of them to guide them to the Kaaba! And his name was Abu Rghal. He died on the road and was buried in it, and his grave became a stone for the Arabs.

I stone his grave every year * * * Like people stoning the grave of Abu Raghaal

In a place called al-Mughims, between Taif and Mecca, Abraha sent a battalion of his soldiers, which brought him the money of Quraish and other tribes. Among these funds were two hundred camels belonging to Abd al-Muttalib ibn Hashim, the chief and master of Quraysh. The Quraish, Kinana, Hudhayl ​​and others understood the battle of Abraha. Then they realized that they could not do it, so they surrendered and left it

And Abraha sent a messenger to Mecca asking about the master of this country, and informing him that the king did not come to fight them, but came to demolish this house, and if they did not attack him, then there is no need for him in their blood! If the master of the country does not want war, he will bring him to the king. When the Messenger informed Abd al-Muttalib of the king’s message, he answered him: By God, we do not want to fight him, and we have no power to do so. This is the sacred house of God. And the house of his friend Ibrahim, peace be upon him.. If he prevents him from it, then it is his house and his sanctuary, and if he disturbs him and him, then by God, we do not have a defense for him.

Abdul Muttalib then returned to the Quraish and told them what had happened to him, and ordered them to leave Mecca and stay in the surrounding mountains. Then he went with men from the Quraish tribe to the Kaaba and held the ring of its door, and they prayed to God and sought help from Him. And then they all went to the mountain

Then what God wanted was for the leader and his army to perish, so God sent flocks of birds to them, each of these birds carrying three stones: one in its beak, and two others in its legs, like chickpeas and lentils, not hitting any of them but perishing. I left them like dry, torn leaves

Abraha’s army raged with great agitation, and they began to ask about Nufail bin Habib, asking him to show them the way to Yemen. Nufail bin Habeeb said when he saw what God had sent down on them from his vengeance

Where is the fleeing and the seeking god?…… and the defeated ashram is not the victor

I praised God when I saw a bird…. and I was afraid of stones being thrown at us

All the people are asking about Nafeel….. as if Ali had a debt to the Abyssinians

Abraha was wounded in his body, and they took him out with them, his flesh falling into small pieces after the other, until they reached Sana’a.

The story of the owners of the elephant