Sins of retreats

The sins of the retreats mean that the servant commits a sin in his secret or in seclusion, and the meaning of seclusion in this aspect is not limited to the presence of a person in a place without people without him, but also means the presence of a person in a place where no one knows him, and the sins of retreats are a form of hypocrisy, hypocrisy and malice; Where a person hides himself and is ashamed of his sin from people, and does not hide and is ashamed of God Almighty by it.

Effects of the sins of retreats

  • imperfection of slavery; The completion of slavery necessitates that what pleased the servant be equal to what was announced and revealed.
  • aversion to him; Nothing conceals a servant except that God makes it manifest through the details of his face and the words of his tongue. If he conceals good, good appears, and if he conceals evil, evil appears.
  • failure to test God; Being alone is a severe experience, and its result is revealed in this world and the hereafter when faces become white and faces turn black, and what was hidden in this world is revealed to people’s eyes.
  • incomplete piety; Its completeness requires the righteousness of the soul, as the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, advised his companions to fear God in secret and in public, and piety in secret is the most difficult and most rewarding; The motive in it is the fear of God alone. As for the piety of the public, it pushes the Muslim to the side of the fear of God, the fear of people and scandal.
  • Erasing the disadvantages of being alone with the good deeds that appear publicly; It dissipates the acts of worship that were offered and makes them as if they had never been.
  • Bad conclusion, and this is a divine punishment associated with the insincerity of the servant, and his preference for the pleasure of creatures over the pleasure of God Almighty.
  • Evidence of disease in the heart of the slave; It indicates the weakness of glorifying God, and not glorifying Him, Glory be to Him, as befits the majesty of His countenance.
  • The despair of reform, the repetition of falling into the sins of retreats spreads despair in the heart of the sinner; So his heart dies and is cut off from repentance; There is nothing more dangerous than the death of the heart and the lack of remorse for committing sins and sins.

Get rid of the sins of retreats

  • Resorting to God Almighty through supplication and supplication to Him, and asking Him to pardon sins and transgressions; God is near and answers the call of his servant.
  • Struggling with the soul, avoiding its whispers, and making it work for the pleasure of God; The soul commands evil, and God made the greatest jihad jihad against the soul, and promised the self-defendering of guidance and righteousness.
  • Contemplation of the severe threat on the Day of Resurrection; If the sinner of seclusion comes with the like of a large mountain of good deeds, God will make it a scattered dust. This is for violating the sanctities of God in his solitude.
  • Sensing the oversight of God Almighty, and that He is a Watcher of His servants, and He sees the Muslim in whatever condition he is.
  • Imagine a Muslim who respects and appreciates him as they look at him while he is committing a sin; This is to make him feel ashamed of God as he is ashamed of anyone of creation and more severe.
  • Always remember death, and that if he brought a Muslim while he was committing a sin or sin; How will he meet his Lord when he is in that state?
  • contemplate the bliss that God has prepared for His righteous servants; Where he promised them a paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth.

Sins of retreats

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