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The Senate rejects Democrats’ attempts to obtain documents and evidence at the trial

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In an early indication that the measures may proceed in partisan Trump favors Trump, the Republican-dominated US Senate has rejected three attempts by Democrats to obtain documents and evidence in President Donald Trump’s trial.

In the third A trial for an American president In the history of the United States, Senators voted 53 to 47 on a party basis to block three proposals for Democrat leader Chuck Schumer, to issue an order to bring records and documents related to U.S. President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine from the White House, the State Department, and the Office of Management and Budget, indicating that The measures may proceed according to partisan trends that are in Trump’s interest.

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Democrats are calling on the Senate to remove Trump from his position because of pressure on Ukraine to conduct an investigation into the activities of former Vice President Joe Biden, his potential political opponent in the presidential election, and then obstruct the investigation into the matter.

Trump, who was held accountable last month in the Democratic-led House of Representatives on charges of abuse of power and obstructing Congress, has denied any wrongdoing and describes his accountability as a partisan trick to prevent his re-election for a second term this year.

Earlier, a senior Trump defense team criticized the entire case as baseless, while a senior Democrat said there was “overwhelming” evidence of wrongdoing.

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“The end result will be that the president did not commit any offense.”

Within the sight of television station cameras, US Supreme Court President John Roberts began the proceedings, and the two sides immediately began quarrels over the trial regulations proposed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

White House adviser Pat Sibolony, who leads the Trump defense team, attacked the basis for the accusations the Democrats made to the president and said they had not in any way come close to US constitution standards to hold the president accountable.

“The end result will be that the president did not commit any offense … there is absolutely no case,” he said.
Democratic Representative Adam Schiff, who co-led the accountability inquiry in the House of Representatives, summarized the accusations against Trump and said he had committed “a set of constitutional violations that justify accountability.”

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He added that although the evidence against Trump was “truly overwhelming”, more witness testimonies were necessary to show the full spectrum of irregularities of the president and those surrounding him.

Democrats are demanding listening to the testimony of a number of former and current Trump administration officials, including former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

“Manipulation to prevent witnesses from testifying”

Senate Majority Leader McConnell unveiled a plan on Monday of what would be an urgent trial without listening to new witnesses or offering more evidence. It would have allowed Democratic attorneys and Trump’s attorney 48 equal 50 hours to present their pleas within four days. However, that plan was modified and each side was given three days to present the initial pleadings. The regulations would also allow the House of Representatives report on accountability to be accepted as evidence at the trial, as demanded by Democrats.

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Democrats had accused McConnell of trying to tamper with the trial by proposing regulations that they said prevented witnesses from testifying and withheld evidence gathered by investigators. McConnell has consistently said that the regulations are similar to those used in the trial of former Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1999.

Under McConnell’s plan, the Trump defense team can move early in the trial and ask Senators to dismiss all charges, a suggestion that will likely not get the support needed to make it succeed.

But even if that proposal fails, Trump is almost certain to be acquitted by the 100-member assembly, as removing him from office requires the support of a two-thirds majority. However, it is unclear what impact the trial will have on his efforts to win a second term.

Democrats accuse Trump of pressuring Ukraine, a weak ally, to interfere in US elections at the expense of US national security. Trump’s legal team says there has been no pressure, and that the Democrats’ case was based on rumors.

/ Reuters

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