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Thursday March 26, 2020

The second batch of people stranded in Mashhad arrives in Bahrain with an Iranian plane

The World – Bahrain

After the postponement of the return of more than 1,200 Bahraini citizens who have been stranded for nearly a month in the Islamic Republic of Iran due to the Bahraini regime’s delay in returning them with false pretexts and excuses, only about 60 citizens arrived.

The “Manama Post”, which followed the issue of these stranded people and the reasons for delaying their return, published a report in which it stated that the Egyptian “Sayyaf Aircraft and Equipment Rental Company” with which the Ministry of Health agreed to implement the evacuation of stranded citizens, does not have an air route with Iran, along with the existence of reasons Another fundamental retained from the newspaper, while awaiting that the ministry itself, in terms of transparency, would reveal these reasons that led to the obstruction of the transfer of the stranded and the cancellation of the agreement yesterday, so that a second agreement could be reached with “Iranian Air Kish” on the same day, which proved the complete readiness of Iran To coordinate the evacuation d And the delay or complications are mentioned at a time when the caliph system did not move the fleet of the national carrier, which is required by wisdom, reason and logic, according to the expression Post.

In response to the regime’s excuse not to return the stranded for fear that they had been infected with the virus in Mashhad, Post said that the head of the Supreme Council of Health, called “Muhammad Abdullah Al Khalifa,” explained that the absorptive capacity of the examination, quarantine, isolation and treatment centers exceeded the current operating energy stages, and by » 1667 beds »The number of occupancy was« 225 »beds only, and he emphasized that the capacity of the precautionary quarantine centers is« 2504 beds », and the occupancy of them so far has reached“ 172 beds ”, which means that the number of beds equals twice the total number of all stranded in Iran And the ability to receive them is “inevitable.”

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