Learn about the salary of a cleaner in Spain and the average monthly wages, where the salary varies according to experience and city, in addition to the job opportunities offered by Spanish companies to cleaners, and the conditions and skills they require.

The Mediterranean way of life is very attractive for those looking to work abroad, and there is no better place for that experience than in Spain. Although competition for jobs is intense, expats will benefit from a good amount of support from the Hispanic community.

According to a survey conducted by (HSBC) for the year 2019, its results showed that Spain ranked fourth as the best destination for expats,
The low cost of living in the country compared to other European countries means that in their spare time the expats will be able to enjoy all the cultures that Spain has to offer.

Not to mention another advantage they get when living and working in the country, which is the chance to learn the second most common language in the world, which will undoubtedly impress their employers wherever they settle in the future.

cleaner salary in spain

construction worker salary in spain

A cleaner in Spain earns about 970 euros per month (equivalent to 1,067 US dollars). Salaries range from 480 euros ($528) at the lowest levels, to 1,520 euros ($1,672) at the highest levels.

Average monthly wages for a cleaner in Spain

The nominal average monthly wage includes all the rewards, cash and in kind, paid to workers in return for performing their required services, whether it is in exchange for the basic work or additional services that follow the work as well, regardless of the method of payment of wages according to the different contracts, and whatever the rest periods which are considered a calculated time during work.

Thus, average wages include basic salary, salary supplement, overtime payments, exceptional payments, and late payments. All these components are covered by the total value.

Percentages of salaries for cleaners in Spain

There are two types of values ​​related to the average value of salaries: the twenty-fifth and seventy-fifth percentiles. According to statistics, 25% of workers (i.e. a quarter of cleaners) earn less than 660 euros, while 75% of them (three quarters of their number) earn more than 660 euros.

Also, 75% of the cleaners earn less than 1,280 Euros while 25% earn more than 1,280 Euros.

Cleaning worker salary comparison in Spain by city

We will compare the salaries in the major cities that are the main destination for workers:
Madrid (the capital): 1,050 euros.
Barcelona 990 euros.
Bilbao: 880 euros.
The city of Medelas in Diamonds: 850 euros.
Malaga city: 940 euros.
Murcia: 970 euros.
Palma de Mallorca: 910 euros.
Seville: 960 euros.
Valencia city: 1,030 euros.
Zaragoza: 1,000 euros.

The salary of cleaners in Spain changes according to experience

Level of work experience up to two years: the worker receives a salary of 540 euros per month.
Experience ranging between 2 and 5 years: the salary increases from the previous level by 29%, so the salary becomes 730 euros per month.
Experience ranging from 5 to 10 years: the salary increases from the previous level by 38%, so the salary becomes 1000 euros per month.
Experience ranging from 10 to 15 years: the average salary increases from the previous level by 24%, so the salary becomes 1240 euros per month.
Experience ranging between 15 and 20 years: the average salary increases from the previous level by 7%, so the salary becomes 1330 euros per month.
Experience of more than 20 years: the average salary increases by 7% from the previous level, so the salary becomes 1420 euros per month.

Annual salary increases for cleaners in Spain

construction worker salary in spain

Cleaning staff or cleaners in Spain earn a salary increase of approximately 8% every 21 months. The national average annual increase for all occupations combined is 8% awarded to employees every 17 months.

The average salary increase in one year (i.e. over a 12-month period) in Spain is 6%.

Annual increase rate by industry for the year 2021:
Banking services: 5%.
Energy: 1%.
Information technology: 6%.
Healthcare: 2%
Travel: 7%.
Construction: 3%.
Education: 8%.

Average hourly wages for a janitor

It is the wage that an employee receives for each hour worked in Spain, and the average salary of cleaners in Spain is approximately 6 euros per hour of work.

Basic Skills Required by Companies in Spain

Excellent communication ability in addition to interpersonal skills.
Flexibility to adapt to changing cleaning requirements, shifts and upgrades.
The ability to detect dust particles that the human eye can miss.
Sufficient physical endurance.
Can work independently without additional supervision experience is required.
The ability to manage time to perform daily tasks efficiently and completely.

Chances of a cleaner to get a job in Spain

While there are a lot of positives to working in Spain, it should be noted that the country has been hit hard by the economic crisis. While the Spanish unemployment rate is recovering, it is still one of the highest in Europe at 14.4%. Youth unemployment is also relatively high, reaching 30.6%.

Competition for jobs is fierce and most foreign workers tend to head to the big cities, where jobs are more readily available. Popular destinations for expats to Spain include the capital, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the country’s two largest cities, and Valencia and Seville.

While most visa applications are submitted through the Spanish embassy or consulate in the home country, the employer can sometimes submit the application on behalf of the worker. EU citizens, EEA citizens and citizens of Switzerland can also work in Spain without the need for a work permit.

If you plan to stay in the country for more than three months, you will need to register with the local police station or foreign ministry. This procedure will provide a registration document and a special identification number.

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