Media can be defined as a process of transmitting news, ideas, information, and events from one party to another. As for the media, they are all means, institutions and technologies, including devices, tools, and programs that are used in the process of transmitting news, circulating and disseminating information locally and internationally.

The modern era has witnessed a distinct technological development in the media, through the emergence of new technologies and media, so that television or radio are no longer the primary sources of information, electronic media sources and the use of the Internet have appeared, in addition to social media from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other programs, Which has become an important and effective influence within contemporary societies and their achievements.

In addition to the role of the media in broadcasting and disseminating scientific research and experiments, as well as inventions and discoveries, it is also possible to exchange views and political debates between the parties through the media, especially social media, to transmit information and ideas, exchange experiences and cultural diversity, which contributes to enriching the minds of recipients, and develops quality And public opinion pushes it forward, and from here the knowledge volume of viewers increases, which supports the quality of knowledge and societal culture. On the other hand, the media contribute to political campaigns, so that the media are exploited to ensure the process of communication and communication between political parties and the government with the people, especially during the election period. And the media contribute to the process of community development through the development of the educational and knowledge aspect.

In the past centuries, weapons were used as a means to impose control and occupation against the countries of the third world, but at present the media, especially electronic ones and social media, are being used to impose intellectual dominance in an attempt to control the peoples of these countries. There is a deep ability for the media to influence the minds of People and controlling their thoughts and attitudes, which made these media outlets, especially the modern ones, invade people’s minds, in terms of their ability to plant ideas and trends that did not exist before, such as the term Islamophobia, and on the other hand, modern media, especially social media, played a role in influencing Individuals, which made them prisoners, subject to the domination of its devices and programs, so that they became more hostage to technological media programmes, which negatively affected the nature of social relations, especially family relations.

The role of the media in society

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