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Tuesday June 15, 2021

The results of the Algerian elections.. Saudi Arabia executes a detainee of conscience who was a minor when it arrested him

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The head of the Independent Electoral Authority in Algeria, Mohamed Charfi, said that the front won 105 seats in parliament.
He added that the independent lists won seventy-eight seats, while the Society for Peace Movement won sixty-four seats.

Sharafi made it clear that the results of the legislative elections remain provisional and subject to review by the Constitutional Council.

He noted that more than five million voters participated in the elections. Pointing out that some violations were recorded in some offices, but they did not affect the smooth conduct of the legislative elections.

And in the second panorama file We deal with: the execution by the Saudi regime authorities against the political detainee Mustafa Hashem Al Darwish, who is from the city of Qatif, who was a minor from his arrest in the year two thousand and eleven.

The Saudi dissident, Fouad Ibrahim, said that the young Mustafa was arrested as part of a package of accusations that were also leveled against dozens of those who went out in peaceful marches in the popular movement in the year two thousand and eleven and were shot in the street or with the sword.

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