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Thursday January 14, 2021

The reason for the growing manifestations of hostility between the Haredim and the Israeli occupation army

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In an interview with Al-Alam TV in the “Absence of the Entity” program, Nabih Awada pointed out that: “The various groups within the Israeli entity agree on one position towards the Haredim, with regard to conscription in the Zionist army, as they refuse to go to the recruitment and recruitment centers, and consider that they are free Entirely for prayer and religious lessons. “

Nabih Awada stressed that: “What happened in the last demonstration was a coincidence that a senior Israeli officer had passed by, at the same time that a demonstration was taking place, refusing to arrest a student of religious schools, for his refusal to enlist in the Zionist army, which greatly reflected the intention of this officer.” Known for being a very extremist officer. “

Nabih Awada pointed out: “This officer is a staff member of the Israeli army that is completely affiliated with Netanyahu, and he was the commander of the northern region, who had previously promised Lebanon to destroy the infrastructure, and considered that the battle that the entity will fight with the resistance is the last, and he will be able to The complete eradication of Lebanon, which reflects its very extremist positions, and essentially reversed its position with the Haredim, in light of the great hostility between the army of the Zionist entity and the Haredim, and what he did indicates the criminal intent of the Haredi demonstrators, against the background of their refusal to enlist in the Zionist entity’s army.

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And the Israeli Interior Entity Security Minister, Gilad Arden, announced that the security authorities will take the necessary measures against the Haredim, who violate the law and police work, with regard to the Haredim’s recruitment into the entity’s army, threatening them to pay a heavy price for their actions.

Details in the attached video …

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