They are benign, non-cancerous skin growths, and they appear as a result of a specific viral infection in the body in the upper layers of the skin, and these skin growths often appear in the same color as the skin, but they are rough to the touch, and they can appear in a darker color than the skin lotion, or in a flat shape, Or with a smooth texture, depending on the area in which they grow on the skin. Warts are divided into three types, namely, regular warts, foot warts, and flat warts.

The reason for the appearance of warts

The virus that causes the appearance of warts is known as the human epithelial tumor virus, and symbolizes it as HPV, and the virus is often transmitted from one person to another by indirect methods, but the possibility of infection with the virus as a result of direct contact with the place where the wart is located on the skin of an infected person is very weak, and there is A relatively long period of time between when the body is infected with HPV and when a wart appears on the skin.

The incidence of warts varies from one individual to another, and this depends on several factors, including the number of times an individual is infected with the virus, and the health status of the skin. With Thaleol more than their fingers than others, in addition to cases of weak immunity that make the body more ready to receive the virus without resistance.

How to treat warts

Children’s warts often disappear on their own without the need to take any treatment measures, but this may take a long period of between half a year and a whole year, but the annoying and painful cases of warts and cases in which the warts spread on the skin quickly and significantly need quick treatment interventions As for adults and the elderly, the wart often disappears by itself after a period of time that may extend for several months.

The reason for the reappearance of warts

In some cases, the wart reappears in the same skin area in which it appeared previously, and the reason for this is that the old virus sheds the virus and spreads it in the skin areas adjacent to its place before it disappears, and thus a number of new warts grow abundantly around the treated wart growth area, The best way to prevent this from happening is to take appropriate remedial measures as soon as the wart appears before it spreads the viruses around it, by visiting the dermatologist and doing the necessary tests to make sure that the wart is gone permanently.

The reason for the appearance of warts

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