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The health of the nails indicates the health of the body, as it is one of the important external indicators of the integrity of the internal organs in the body, such as the skin, gums, eyes, and tongue. White spots may appear on the nails, and the nails may appear broken, brittle, or colored, and sometimes spots appear on them. Structure, and in this article we will talk about the signs that appear on the nails and what are the causes of their appearance, while trying to come up with solutions to these symptoms.

Cause of brown spots on nails

The reason for the appearance of brown or black spots on the nails is due to exposure to a blow from a certain machine such as a hammer, or due to a blood gathering under the nail, and this issue may be considered a normal matter if it does not last for a long period of time, but if it stays for a long time, it may extend for weeks, you should see a doctor Immediately, to conduct the necessary medical tests, this may indicate skin cancer.

Nail health problems

  • Dry nails: When making sure that the nails are dry, you must drink enough water, and it is recommended to paint the nails with oils that contain good amounts of protein.
  • Side pits in the nails: The appearance of pits on the sides of the nails indicates that a person has a heart attack or fever, and this does not appear immediately after injury, but after a period ranging from eight to twelve weeks.
  • Peeling nails: The nails peel off permanently, or repeatedly, indicating that the body is facing a problem in absorbing mineral salts.
  • Nail discoloration: The appearance of white spots on the nails indicates a lack of calcium, protein, and possibly iron, and at the same time this may be the result of a small lesion caused by certain injuries. It refers to a person suffering from anemia or anemia, sometimes caused by diabetes, but if it is colored blue, it may indicate heart disease, or diseases in the lungs.
  • Broken nails: The cause of nails breaking and brittleness is due to hypothyroidism, and the same problem can be inferred from the slow growth of nails significantly.

Tips to keep nails healthy

  • Eating healthy food, and not paying attention to quantity over quality.
  • Paying attention to conducting general medical examinations from time to time, and not waiting for bad signs to appear on the nails.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid drying out the nails.

Cause of brown spots on nails

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