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Tuesday February 23, 2021

The prospective Lebanese government is difficult to form

The World – Lebanon

The government is your place. Nothing can be released now. The most important thing for those involved is scoring points. A media battle is being waged to hold the other responsible for disruption. After Saad Hariri, it is time for Gebran Bassil. Yesterday, he held him responsible for violating the rights of Christians, and denied that he had demanded a blocking third. He also proposed a two-pronged “initiative” to solve the government crisis. However, the Future Movement’s response was not late, confirming that the crisis is still intractable.

The governmental contract has not been dismantled and will not be released soon. The Lebanese newspaper, Al-Akhbar, says basically, its formation does not seem to be an obsession for anyone. The rescue, if still possible, is not on anyone’s agenda. Simply, because no one has a clear vision of the method. Even the hoped-for international support is no longer expected to lift the country from the bottom.

Nevertheless, all politicians asked about reform respond: We have no choice but to form a government and then implement the demands of the international community. Until then, no one is ready to do their bit. The legislative authority, which is supposed to be a relentless flame in these circumstances, especially as it is the only one currently able to work, is not moving.

All this indicates that everyone is either normalized with the current situation or is benefiting from it. But today is not like tomorrow, nor like yesterday. Every day that passes is an additional step towards a comprehensive collapse, whether in terms of the price of the dollar, the value of foreign exchange reserves, or the economic and social level. When the government of Diab’s account called for mobilization and the preparation of a recovery plan, the world was a thousand good compared to today.

The plans were optimistic and the dollar was supposed to be liberalized towards a more realistic rate, at that time, between 3,500 and 4,297 pounds over the next four years. Even the higher number seems like a dream today, with the dollar reaching nearly ten thousand pounds.

Al-Akhbar newspaper follows up on everything that was included in the economic recovery plan that was destroyed by the banks in cooperation with the leaders of the sects, and it is no longer valid today, but there are no clear alternative plans. The boss-designate still insists he has the magic wand. Give me six months, and if it fails, they charge me. Saad Hariri said it one day, then he stopped.

Nothing suggests that he is in a hurry to form. If he is in Beirut, then he does not leave his home and does not communicate with political parties. Nevertheless, it is pleasant for his deputies or those close to him to enlarge his travels. They say that he is using his foreign relations to seek Lebanon’s help. If this is true, then the first step does not begin without forming a government, but it does not carry with it any vision for resolving the intractable governmental crisis. If he really wanted to form a government, he would have stayed in Baabda until the agreement.

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The President of the Republic, in return, is waiting. He refuses to back down from his no-nos. Therefore, the meeting between them turned into a passing event, or a truce. But as soon as Hariri leaves Baabda, the media bickering will resume, and the responsibilities will be thrown away. It seemed remarkable in the last meeting that the statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic was keen to confirm that the meeting took place at the request of Hariri, and to confirm that he did not carry anything new with him. The time for protocol is simply gone. Even the reference to “continuing communication” to instill hope, as it always happens, is no longer important.

MP Gebran Bassil went out in his televised conference yesterday to confirm all of the above. There is nothing new in it, and therefore the conference can only be classified in the context of the battle for public opinion. After Hariri elaborated on the responsibility for obstructing the presidency of the republic, and behind it the presidency of the Free Patriotic Movement, “media balance” was necessary. Therefore, Bassil responded to Hariri in all the points in which he spoke, especially the issue of counting, parity, baggage disagreement and the blocking third. He reaffirmed his position, the position of his movement, and the position of the President of the Republic. But the bottom line is that the government crisis is long.

Bassil said: We are cooperating to the fullest extent, on the basis of preserving the constitution and the charter, and on the condition of respecting uniform standards. He accused Hariri of returning the country to the era of tutelage, exercising superiority and violating the rights and dignity of others.

Bassil confirmed the following: First, we want a government, as it is unreasonable for the covenant to want to leave itself without a government. Second, we want a government quickly, as it is unreasonable for the Covenant to want to waste the time remaining for it. Third, we want a government headed by Hariri, despite our conviction that he cannot be a title for reform, and therefore we did not name it. He added: So let him be kind and responsible.

He is the one responsible, not us, and let him form a government without us, and let him stop wasting time and throw arguments on others. And after it was previously announced that Hariri is a politician and the condition of jurisdiction does not apply to him, and therefore it is necessary to form a political government. He said yesterday: To form it from capable specialists, on the basis of justice and the constitution, and not at the whim of some.

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Regarding the blocking third, despite his indication that this third is a right of the president of the republic according to the Taif talks, and despite his question about the reason for preventing Christians from obtaining the guarantor third, while all other sects possess in one way or another the ability to overthrow the government, he said: We in this government in particular do not need a third.

On the one hand, this is the last government in the era, and we certainly do not want it to resign. On the other hand, because when a strong president wants to exercise his role rightly in cabinet sessions, he does not need a third in a number of matters.

On the third side, because in some other matters, we know that we and Hezbollah have a third in theory. He added: Fourthly and most importantly, neither the president nor we demanded the third plus one, and we do not lie or hide, and if we want to say it on the top of the roof and wage a battle over it, we are honored because it is our right . He considered that “the story of the third plus one is a theoretical and invented story for naming additional Christian ministers, and here is the bottom line and the real problem.”

Bassil announced an initiative “the president has nothing to do with” that the Free Patriotic Movement can give confidence on:

First, raise the number of ministers from 18 to 20, not to take an additional Christian minister to the president. We accept that he take the additional maid, but not the prime minister.

Secondly, with regard to the bags, we in the current insist only on fairness and balance in the distribution of bags of all categories.

Third, with regard to naming, we want one principle that applies to all. Adopt the principle you want. We accept what Hezbollah accepts to be applied to it. When the president-designate says that naming the Sunni ministers is his exclusive right, and he takes from the socialist the name of his minister, and waits for the Shiite duo to give him his ministers, then it should apply to the Christians, from the president of the republic to every bloc wishing to participate.

And if the prime minister proposes that an agreement be made on the names of Christian ministers based on a king minister, then there is no objection, but this matter also applies to Muslim ministers. They kept us away from everything related to forming the government, and take confidence in us in the parliament, in exchange for our conditions for reform. Assure us reforms and we accept, but we do not want promises and guarantees, we want to pay in advance. Our conditions are easy and are achieved one week before the formation of the government.

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If there is a political will: First, approve the Capitol Control Law and control transfers abroad, secondly, approve the law for the recovery of looted and transferred funds, thirdly, approve the law on public service disclosure of accounts and property. These are all present and studied in the House of Representatives, and if there is a political decision, in one session, all of them are approved.

During the same week, we want to give Alvarez the direct order to start the criminal audit at the Banque du Liban without any pause or backwards, and so with the formation of the government, the process of scrutiny in all ministries, departments and councils begins in parallel. From the person concerned, who was asked to answer his initiative.

The Future Movement considered, in a statement, that “the examination of former Minister Gebran Bassil included everything that applies to him in whole and in detail. Who suffers the Covenant and his political team ».

“The person is still residing in Lalla Land, and the Presidency of the Republic is required to undergo house arrest in denial of the changes that arose after October 17, and he considers Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s resignation and his response to the popular movement a form of political perfidy,” the statement said.

He added: “It is regrettable that the Lebanese witness, through the verbal grinding of Bassil, the transfer of the presidential decision from Baabda Palace to Mirna Shalouhi Center, and that they listen to the head of the ruling party as if he was the exclusive spokesman for the powerful era. But the useful summary of all that was said about kneading: With Gibran Valj, do not deal with it.

In any case, what Mr. Hariri means is what is issued by the President of the Republic directly and not through mediation, and what was said remains a pipe dream, noting that no one offered Minister Gebran Bassil to join the government, and his attempt to make the Lebanese feel pressured to participate is just a laughter story. .

The statement concluded by noting that “the ongoing attempt to inflame sectarian strife will not succeed, Gibran, no matter how hard you try to drive wedges between Muslims and Christians.”

World Correspondent

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