static fluid properties

Liquids are generally characterized by that they cannot be compressed, as they deliver all the pressure on their surface to the confined space in parallel, as the fluids exert a force perpendicular to the surface of the space, and if there is no force affecting the liquid, the only force that exists is the weight of the confined fluid.[1]

Static liquids have the ability to take any shape they are placed in with the ability to maintain the same volume, and liquids generally move from the space with a high surface level to the bottom if the space between the two spaces is a passage for water, as for boiling, it has a boiling point higher than the temperature room temperature and gradually moves to the gas phase if it reaches its boiling point.[2]

Chemical properties of liquids

Liquids, like any other substance, have many properties, and the following are some of the properties of chemical liquids[3]:-

  • Evaporation is the transformation of a substance from a liquid state to a gaseous state, and condensation is the return of a substance from a gaseous state to a liquid state.
  • boiling point or point.
  • Surface tension or surface tensile strength.
  • Critical temperature and pressure, which is the degree to which a substance is expressed when it is in both its liquid and gaseous states.
  • vapor pressure of the substance.

Static fluid pressure

The pressure of static fluids can be defined as the weight of a column of liquid that has a cross-section equal to a unit area that affects a point away from the surface by the length of that column. The pressure of static fluids does not depend on the shape, volume, or surface area of ​​the fluid. The fluid pressure is measured using many devices and units, including the manometer, which measures pressure in centimeters of water.[4]

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The properties of static fluids

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