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Monday November 30, 2020

The President of Armenia proposes to form an interim government and amend the constitution

World – Asia and the Pacific

Sarkissian added, in a meeting with representatives of the Armenian community in Russia during his private visit to Russia: “In any country where such a great tragedy occurred, a decision is made to leave the government that caused it. The last elections took place 2.5 years ago, when Armenia was a completely different country.” Now, we live in a different country. There is a civilized path … an interim government of national unity and early elections. “

According to him, the national unity government should work for a period of 6-12 months, before the elections, and then after the elections, a political force will win the formation of the new government with a mandate from the voters.

He stressed the need for a popular referendum to be held on changes to the country’s constitution, prior to the general elections.

He said: “Any system of government, whether of the presidential or parliamentary type, must include mechanisms of control and balance between branches of power, because it is not permissible for important decisions to remain in one hand.”

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