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Thursday October 1, 2020

The position of the Armenian parties in Lebanon on the war in Karabakh


On Thursday, the three Armenian leaderships in Lebanon discussed the Tashnak And Henshak And Al Ramgaffar In details The Azerbaijani – Turkish attack on the Republic of Artsakh (Karabakh), and they confirmed, in a statement, that Azerbaijan she Country The initiative for the planned and prepared aggression in advance with the support and participation of the Turkish state, and they also confirmed that mercenary soldiers of several nationalities provided the Turkish state to transport them to the front, taking part in the aggression.

The meeting denounced the Israeli role in the aggression, which constitutes a translation of Turkish cooperationIsraeli and Azeri-Israeli cooperation in the military and political fields, and they indicated that the Azeris and the Turks violate all humanitarian standards by bombing and targeting civilians in the capital, Stepanakert and other cities ArmenianAnd, in addition to the military campaign, they are waging a media campaign to distort the facts and mislead the public opinion by spreading lies, and they try to portray the issue as a Christian-Muslim war, which is an issue that contradicts and contradicts the truth..

The three parties declared their absolute support for the people of the Republic of Artsakh, as in the past and today, and saluted the Armenian army, “the valiant in its heroic war to resist the inhumane expansionist aggression, stressing that it” believes and affirms that the people of Artsakh will not despair during this war and will force the enemies to sit at the negotiating table .

They stressed the need to form a new government because the economic and security conditions negatively affect the citizens who face difficult health, social and economic conditions, calling on all parties to exercise restraint, stop descending into the abyss and rise above personal and factional interests, and touched upon the step of forming the Lebanese committeeArmenian Relief, sponsored by the Armenian Catholius of Cilicia, praised its accomplishments, and stressed “the necessity of uniting efforts to accomplish the resurgence of the Armenian community.”

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