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Monday October 26, 2020

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The call for peace is a final attempt to demonstrate Palestine’s commitment to peace

The World – Occupied Palestine

Al-Maliki confirmed Abbas’s call to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to convene an international conference with the participation of all concerned parties early next year to “engage in a real peace process based on international law, UN resolutions and agreed terms of reference, in cooperation with the Quartet and members of the Security Council.”

“This call is a final attempt to demonstrate our commitment to peace on the basis of inclusion, not exclusion, legitimacy, not illegality, negotiations, not dictations, pluralism, not unilateralism. I know that many of your countries have already expressed their support for President Abbas’s initiative and we look forward to continuing to work with all of you,” Al-Maliki added. Until achieved, during the meetings of this council. “

And he considered that “Israel” decided, under pressure only, to freeze its illegal plans to officially annex areas outside the occupied East Jerusalem city, but it did not abandon its decades-old policy aimed at controlling the largest area of ​​Palestinian lands with a minimum of Palestinians. Other the maximum of the Palestinian geography with the minimal Palestinian demographic. “

He stressed that Israel continues to “de facto annex the territories,” as it announced in recent days the construction of “5,000 settlement units in the depth of the West Bank, including inside and around occupied East Jerusalem.”

Al-Maliki called on the international community “to work to save peace,” noting the necessity of meeting Abbas’s call “to hold an international peace conference, which would generate the necessary momentum to mobilize the international community as a whole to help the parties negotiate a peace agreement that would change the region forever.”

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He continued: “Anything else is useless, and as long as ‘Israel’ does not bear the cost of the occupation, and continues to reap its fruits, it will never negotiate in good faith.”

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