The Palestinian city of Lod

The city of Lod is one of the Palestinian Arab cities that contributed to confronting the Israeli aggression in 1948, as its residents were resisting this aggression as an extension of their jihad during the Palestinian revolutions against the British occupation. and the villages in which it is located.

The geographical location of the city of Lod

The city of Lod is located 16 kilometers southeast of Jaffa, and less than 5 kilometers northeast of the city of Ramla. It is known for its very important geographical location, as it borders the Jaffa port from the east and a western entrance to the city of Jerusalem, and is a twin of the city of Ramle. It is also a station for commercial caravans since ancient times, and today it is a node for land transportation where railways meet.

The city of Lydda is located on a flat area of ​​the Palestinian coastal plain and rises about fifty meters above sea level. The Palestinian coastal plain, and around Lydda also the brown alluvial soil, which rain water and valleys contributed to transferring from the mountainous heights in the east to the surface of the lands of Lydda.

The climate and water of the city of Lod

The climate of Lod is a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers, warm, rainy winters, which is characterized by moderation, as the annual average temperature is about 19, and the average temperature varies from month to month during one day, and August is one of the highest months, and the average temperature in it is 26 degrees Celsius.

Lod City Landmarks

The railway station, Lod Airport, Dahmash Mosque, Zanbaq Well, the Eastern Square and the Al-Arbaeen minaret, Al-Omari Mosque, St. George’s Church, Jindas Bridge, Khan Al-Helou, in addition to Abu Shanab well, and Abi Muhammad Abdul Rahman bin Auf well

Villages located in the city of Lod

These villages belonged to the Lydda region before 1948 AD, and they are as follows: Sarafand al-Amar, al-Bireh, Annaba, al-Kisirah, al-Qubub, ‘Imdas, al-Latrun, Deir Ayyub, Yalu, Beit Nuba, Salbit, Beit Shetah, Bir Ma’in, al-Burj, Profilia, Hazouba, Daniel, Jamzu, in addition to Haditha, Beit Jala, Deir Tarif, Al-Tira, Qila, Al-Muzayra’a, Majdal Baba (Sadiq), Rnettes, in addition to Al-Laban, Ni’lin, Medea, Sibtain, Shuqba, Qibeh, Budrus, Deir Qadis, Ba’lin, And the house of Nabala.

The Palestinian city of Lod

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