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Thursday January 14, 2021

The ongoing campaigns with the departure of Netanyahu and the hostility between the Haredim and the occupation army

The “Absence of Entity” program sheds light on the demands of the departure of the corrupt Netanyahu, including a message from a Zionist artist on his Facebook page, saying: “Netanyahu, you are corrupt, and you must leave.” In it, it refers to the despair that entered the souls of the Zionists, as a result of Netanyahu’s policy and authority.

On the interpretation of the angry speech on the part of the Zionists against Netanyahu, which is repeated continuously, especially on social media, the guest of the program following the Israeli affairs, Nabih Awada, explained that what the famous Israeli rapper presented was a kind of comprehensive accusation against Netanyahu, and all his behavior in the previous period and talked about the problems that he bears Benjamin Netanyahu is primarily responsible, from the issue of unemployment and the coronavirus to the issue of corruption, in all its forms and three addresses, and the participation of his wife in these files, to the issue of oppression and violence, which Netanyahu practiced in his attempt to use all means in order to preserve his position and stay in power.

In addition, the “Absence of Entity” program sheds light on the growing manifestations of hostility between the Haredim and the Israeli occupation army, and is clearly reflected in the Zionist community, especially during the protest demonstrations taking place in the Zionist entity, which almost led to the firing of a senior officer who was afraid of being attacked by demonstrators Haredians.

On the hostility between the Zionist occupation police and the Haredim, and the violent attitude and the apparent division between them, Nabih Awada, the guest of the program following up on Israeli affairs, indicated that the various groups within the Israeli entity have converged on one position towards the Haredim, with regard to conscription in the army, where they refuse to go to enlist and to the recruitment centers. And they consider that they are fully devoted to prayer and religious lessons.

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The program also dealt with the issue of organized crime gangs inside the entity, which tamper with the lives and security of Zionists, a fact imposed by repeated killings, bombings and shootings in the Israeli streets.

The “Unity of the Entity” program also shed light on the phenomenon of suicide that is imposed within the ranks of the Israeli occupation entity’s army itself as a thorny issue that the efforts exerted could not address. Suicide is the first cause of soldiers ’death outside the framework of wars and military battles, as the number of suicide soldiers in 2020 reached 9 soldiers.

The program reviewed the story of a Zionist crime that killed his wife and committed suicide.

To discuss the topic of the episode of the “Unseen Entity” program, we host:

Observers of Israeli affairs, Nabih Awada

More details in the attached video.

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