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Wednesday September 30, 2020

The Observatory: 850 Syrian militants are fighting in Azerbaijan

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In a related context, the observatory documented more human losses among the mercenaries of the pro-Ankara factions in Azerbaijan, as the number of Syrian dead from the so-called “National Army” factions had been targeted by bullets in Azerbaijan.

The information received by the Syrian Observatory indicated that the Syrian mercenaries loyal to Turkey were involved in the battles of Azerbaijan, after their mission was supposed to be only to protect the fields of points.

The Observatory indicated yesterday that there is no truth to what is being promoted, about the Turkish government sending about 4000 fighters from the Syrian factions loyal to it to Azerbaijan, to participate in the ongoing conflict with Armenia, as there are 320 Syrian fighters who have been transferred from Before Turkish security companies, they have not yet participated in any combat battles.

The Syrian Observatory sources added that the Syrian fighters who arrived in Azerbaijan, the vast majority of them from the “Turkmen” component, went under the pretext of the “national cause.”

On the other hand, the Syrian Observatory received information about the transfer of Syrian fighters of Armenian origin to Armenia to participate in the ongoing conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Moscow had called for not to use mercenaries and terrorists in the Karabakh conflict, noting that members of the Syrian militia in Libya are being transferred to Karabakh.

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