the Russian army

At one time, Russia formed the so-called Soviet Union, which included many countries, but during the Cold War the Soviet Union collapsed and the countries acceding to it dispersed, and from here Russian officials made many reforms to advance the Russian army, which became one of the powerful military armies in the world. The establishment of the Russian Defense Ministry in 1992 for this purpose.

The number of the Russian army, according to the latest statistics, is two million and nineteen thousand six hundred and twenty-nine soldiers. It is the fourth largest army in the world. It possesses a very advanced land and air military arsenal in terms of numbers and equipment. The Russian army is called the Red Army.

Russia’s military capability structure

ground forces

The Russian army owns more than fifteen thousand tanks, and this is reflected in the number of ground military manpower, whose number of personnel reaches seven hundred and sixty-six thousand soldiers, and the number of reserves is one million four hundred and eighty-five thousand soldiers. We mention that the ground forces have witnessed many reforms, especially in The era of Vladimir Putin, where he kept the ground forces formed of conscripts and volunteers, and created a retirement system that succeeded in attracting twenty-six thousand non-commissioned officers.

In terms of military equipment, in addition to military tanks, the army owns three thousand seven hundred and eighty military platforms dedicated to launching various missiles, as well as twenty-seven thousand six hundred military vehicles.

air forces

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia obtained the largest share in the number of aircraft, and began to use Tupolev M3 aircraft, Sukhoi-24 combat aircraft, and transport squadron equipment. The number of aircraft in the Russian Air Force is approximately three thousand and eighty-two, and seven hundred and thirty-six. combat aircraft, one thousand two hundred and eighty-nine attack aircraft of various types, three hundred and three training aircraft, seven hundred and thirty transport aircraft, and nine hundred seventy-three helicopters.

We also mention that Russia has an advanced air defense system, and is armed with the S-400 system, which is surface-to-air missiles that reach long distances, and the most advanced is the S-500 system, the most powerful and efficient of the first type, as it covers longer distances than the first system.


The Russian military naval forces are deployed in a number of fleets surrounding Russia, such as: the Northern Fleet, the Pacific Ocean, the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Caspian Sea. The Russian Navy consists of one aircraft carrier, sixty-three naval submarines, four naval battleships (frigates), and three Ten destroyers, thirty-four minesweepers, seventy-four combat ships, and sixty-five coastguard ships.

Russian nuclear weapon

Russia relies on nuclear weapons; It possesses a huge nuclear arsenal, feared by the United States of America, which possesses one thousand five hundred nuclear warheads, and two thousand tactical or field warheads. Russia uses this weapon in the event of an attack on it with a nuclear weapon from any hostile country.

The number of the Russian army

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