number of lakes in canada

The number of major lakes in Canada, the smallest of which is more than 3 square kilometers, is 31,752 lakes, and also includes 2 million small lakes as well. Fresh water covers 9% of the Canadian territory.[1]

Canada’s largest lakes

Canada contains the largest number of lakes in the world; Almost 60% of the world’s lakes are located in Canada, and Canada’s large size has contributed to the presence of this large number of lakes, and there are 561 lakes with an area of ​​more than 100 square kilometers.[1]

Great Bear Lake

The Great Bear Lake, which is located north of the Arctic Circle, is the largest lake located entirely within the Canadian borders, and it is the eighth largest lake in the world, and the fourth largest lake in North America, and there are small numbers of plants and fish in the lake, The deepest point in this lake reaches 452 meters, and it also has the fewest fish species compared to the rest of Canada’s lakes, as the number of fish species does not exceed 16 species.[2]

Lake Superior

Lake Superior is the largest lake in Canada when the American part is incorporated, and it is also considered the largest freshwater lake in the whole world; It contains more water than all the world’s lakes combined, with an area of ​​82,100 square kilometers, of which 28,750 square kilometers lies within the Canadian borders.[3]

Great Slave Lake

Great Slave Lake is located in the Northwest Territories of Canada and is the fifth largest lake in North America; With an area of ​​28,568 square kilometers, it includes many islands, and its deepest point reaches nearly 600 meters.[4]

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number of lakes in canada

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