Sleep is a natural need for man, and life can only be straightened by going to sleep to get rest, as it is considered one of the most beneficial things for the body, and it is not just a nap that a person takes to go to the world of dreams and lose consciousness, but rather it is a necessity of his daily necessities, such as food and breathing. And eliminate the need, so you must pay attention to the physiology of sleep, its time, and the number of hours.

The normal number of hours of sleep

The number of normal hours of sleep varies from one person to another, according to age. Infants should sleep naturally from sixteen to twelve hours. As for adolescence, people sleep from eight to ten hours, and in the youth stage, the number of hours Natural sleep ranges from six to nine hours, depending on the person’s physical nature, and the effort he makes during his day.

Sleep facts

There are some important facts about sleep, including the following:

  • The quality of sleep is much more important than the number of hours of sleep. Deep, comfortable and uninterrupted sleep gives the body much more comfort than sleeping for many intermittent hours marred by hours of anxiety, waking up and disturbing dreams, and sleeping at night is more beneficial to the body than sleeping in the daytime hours. Some of the body’s glands work more efficiently when sleeping in the dark and at night.
  • The benefits of sleep for the body are very many, as it gives the body an opportunity to renew its dead cells, it also makes the person feel energetic and active, contributes to the clarity of the skin, improves the general mood, increases the efficiency of the immune system, reduces the chance of accumulation of fat in the abdomen, opens appetite, and improves Metabolism in the body, refreshes memory, contributes to reducing high blood pressure, and stimulates the work of growth hormone.
  • To get a deep and comfortable sleep, sleep in bright rooms and a lot of noise should be avoided, the room atmosphere must be appropriate, and the temperature is moderate, so that the temperatures are not too low, nor high, and care must be taken to keep electronic devices away from the bedrooms such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, etc.
  • There are many foods and drinks that help sleep, such as lettuce, chamomile drenched, milk, milk and its derivatives, and you should reduce as much as possible the intake of stimulants rich in caffeine, such as tea and coffee, soft drinks, and fatty foods.

The normal number of hours of sleep

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