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Sunday November 22, 2020

The North Korean leader’s nephew has disappeared in mysterious circumstances

World – Asia and the Pacific

Kim Han Seul is the eldest son of the brother of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Nam, who was assassinated in Malaysia on the orders of Kim Jong Un in 2017, due to his widespread criticism, according to the British newspaper “thesun”.

Seol was said to have called the aid of Adrian Hong, the leader of the group that helped him escape, after he noticed the disappearance of “the police who usually guarded his home”.

Fearing for his life, he called the group and told them that he needed to “get out of Macau as quickly as possible”, and he is said to have met with the group members in Taipei, Taiwan, two days after his father was killed. There he allegedly took a plane to seek asylum in Amsterdam, according to the newspaper.

“He never met a child who had a lot of money,” said Hong. “Kim Jong Nam hid a lot of money during his life.”

Han Seul is “wearing Gucci shoes” and “carrying a lot of cash,” he added, and pictures believed to show the North Korean leader’s nephew are often seen wearing luxurious clothes and sparkling earrings.

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