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Friday May 22, 2020

The new Retweet count counter is currently available for Android and web users

Today, the user is able to track the tweets counter and its rankings by clicking on the word “Retweets”. Retweet below the tweet to view its data; To show a page showing the data of this slot divided into retweet with comments and retweet without comments, as the following video launched by the platform shows the beginning of providing the feature:

This feature is the last thing that the social platform has applied from the features that it previously tested in order to facilitate the user experience across its network in light of its constant emphasis on working according to the policy of increasing interaction on the platform.

Twitter continues to test many features periodically, from a series of responses to 24-hour temporary testing tests, similar to the story feature of other social networks, and has already launched a test experience for a few users as usual in order to get reviews.

In the company’s latest attempts to increase interaction, the day before yesterday, it launched a new experiment with a feature that enables the user to specify the people who can respond to his tweets from followers; Or even to completely stop responses to everyone as is happening with the feature to stop comments during the live broadcast on social platforms.



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