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Sunday January 19, 2020

The new Microsoft Edge has finally launched the stable version

New Microsoft Edge finally released stable version 1

Microsoft was working on a test version of its popular Microsoft Edge browser. This beta version is based on the Chromium kernel on which many browsers are built. Like Chrome, of course. And then I used Firefox, Opera, and others. This is how Microsoft resorted to it after trying many times to compete with other browsers. And I failed to do so. And now the final stable version of the new browser has been launched.

What do we know?

  • The company has been developing the browser for more than a year
  • The new browser is built on the open source Chromium kernel
  • The final version of the browser is now available for download

Microsoft Edge new version

New Microsoft Edge finally released stable version 2

The new browser is built on the open source kernel, which is the Chromium kernel, which has proven to be the best option for building web browsers. As Google Chrome succeeded in using this kernel, many browsers resorted, most notably firefox to this kernel. And then Opera and others followed. There are many browsers that use this kernel as well. Microsoft followed them and released its first official browser based on this kernel. And that made the browser one of the best browsers to use. And you could say that Microsoft Edge finally succeeded as a browser. Finally, Microsoft succeeded in creating a successful browser and a good performance.

Microsoft Edge on more than one platform

Like any leading browser, Microsoft launched the browser on several platforms, such as MacOS, IOS, and Android. On all these platforms, the browser is built on the same kernel, which is the Chromium kernel. And there is now a synchronization between the different platforms of the browser. You can download this different version of the links below. And on my experience of this browser it is worth using now.

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