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Thursday January 14, 2021

The new American decision against Yemen .. objectives and repercussions?

The “Yemeni scene” program discusses that the countries of aggression against Yemen welcome the new American step. However, many countries and organizations condemned the move, and considered it a new aggression against the Yemeni people, which will increase the humanitarian situation disastrous and tragic, and it will lead to serious consequences that destroy the peace process.
The program discusses the view by many politicians that this step, paid for, by the Saudi and Emirati regime, stressing that the goal is to bleach the page of hundreds of massacres and crimes committed by the Saudi and Emirati regime against civilians in Yemen.

The program also addresses the real goal behind this US move? What are the repercussions that will leave it? What are the Yemeni options towards this new American aggression? We pose these and other questions to our guests, but after this report, which monitors the implications of the US decision on the humanitarian side.

The “Yemeni Al-Mashhad” program is considering reading the new American decision against Ansar Allah movement? And the explanation for this decision, which comes a few days before the departure of the Trump administration? The real goal behind this US move?

The program also addresses the widespread condemnation of the resolution, especially by the United Nations and international organizations. Do you think this decision will be taken, or will the Trump administration withdraw from it? What are the repercussions and implications of this decision on the humanitarian situation in Yemen? Does this decision have any negative repercussions on the peace process or the upcoming negotiations? And how to read the Saudi-Emirati welcome of the US decision? Is this decision paid for?

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The topic of the episode from the program “Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni” is discussed with the episode’s guests:

Abdullah Salam Al-Hakimi, ambassador at the Yemeni Foreign Ministry, from London

Hizam Al-Assad, a member of the political bureau of Ansar Allah movement

Details in the attached video.

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