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Monday January 25, 2021

The Netherlands and Denmark … protests against tightening restrictions on the ban due to ‘Corona’


Police said that they arrested about two hundred and forty people in the capital, Amsterdam, after riots broke out, looting of stores and setting fires.

Witnesses reported that the police used water cannons, dogs and horses to disperse the protests. In turn, the Military Police announced on Twitter that it was supporting the local police in at least two cities in the south of the country. The unrest erupted on the second day of the imposition of new, tougher restrictions to tackle the Corona virus, including a curfew during the night, which led to demonstrations..

Hundreds of Danes also organized a demonstration against measures to combat the Corona epidemic, organized by an extremist group in Copenhagen, and the demonstration included clashes and the burning of a doll representing Prime Minister Mitt Frederiksen.

The demonstrators, carrying torches, marched through the Danish capital, shouting slogans against the preventive measures, and the police arrested at least five people, and unrest erupted when the demonstrators were dispersed, with projectiles in particular at the police. An active Facebook group called “Men in Black” has been organizing demonstrations for more than a month against “coercion” and “dictatorship” related to the partial closure to limit the spread of the Corona epidemic in Denmark. Police are investigating the burning of a doll in the form of a prime minister.

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