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Saturday August 15, 2020

The Mufti of Oman: Liberating Al-Aqsa is a duty … and the Omanis: The statement represents me

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The Mufti al-Khalili published his statement on his official Twitter page, considering that Al-Aqsa Mosque is a trust in the necks of the nation like the Grand Mosque, explaining: If the circumstances do not satisfy them and the predestination will help them (to liberate it) then they do not have to compromise on it under any circumstances. Rather, they have to leave the matter to the divine destiny, so that God will bring someone who honors him to do this duty“. The Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman also affirmed that “liberating Al-Aqsa Mosque and liberating all the land around it from any occupation is a sacred duty for all the nation, and a debt is in its necks that they must fulfill“. Stressing that “all Muslims must dissociate themselves from the Al-Aqsa Mosque, protect it and protect it from the hands of the abusers with all their strength.”

After the statement, the Omanis launched a hashtag # Bayan_Sheikh_Khalaili_ represents meThey thanked the Mufti for the words of truth and considered that it is heart-warming, and addressed to everyone who tempted him to trade in the Palestinian cause.

Saeed Al Khawaldi He emphasized that the statement contained sincere feelings towards Al-Aqsa, which was gratifying, so he tweeted: “Yes, the statement of Sheikh Al-Khalili represents me because of its sincerity in feelings towards the Holy Land and Al-Aqsa Mosque, and it is gratifying and a reminder to those who are tempted to bargain over the Holy Land.

As confirmed Umar That the statement represents him and as every Muslim represents towards the liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Israeli occupation, so he wrote:#The statement of Sheikh Al-Khalili represents me and every Muslim represents the direction of the first Muslim cause, which is the liberation of Al-Aqsa Mosque from the hands of the usurping Jews. May God preserve the great Sheikh and prolong his life in good health. “

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Am Adam She said that this statement represented her, wishing that he would testify before God that she had done what she could to reject normalization. “The statement of Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khalili represents me as well, and I hope that God will testify to us on the Day of Resurrection that we refused normalization with Israel, at least through the tongue and the heart, and this weakened the faith .. # The statement of Sheikh Al-Khalili represents me.”

NFA Ł I considered the statement historical, and that it is not new to the Mufti al-Khalili, who stood with the truth, without compliments and false slogans, so I tweeted: “A historical statement and nothing new for this noble sheikh who has always praised the truth without compliments, and these resonant false slogans have preserved you, for you have uttered what our hearts are, and if we lived all ages, we would not have been guided to a similar one. # The statement of Sheikh Al Khalili represents me.

As confirmed Muhammad Al-Badawi However, the nation needs scholars to guide people to preserve their identity and defend their sanctities, so he wrote: “The ummah is in need of scholars who direct people to defend their sanctities and their Islamic identity, and each of us is responsible before God Almighty in denying evil even with the heart (they did not neglect an evil, so they did it for the misery of what they were doing).

Majid Al-Ajmi He had a negative attitude towards the Emirati people’s dealing with the step of normalization that the Emirati authorities took, stressing that the peoples of the Persian Gulf are not satisfied with normalization, We know that the vast majority of Gulf peoples are totally dissatisfied with normalization with the Zionist entity.. The Emirati people did not see them in a position opposing # Emirati_Israeli normalization, but on the contrary, flying from joy and occupants to justify and.. # Bayan_Sheikh_Khalaili_ represents me

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Also called kh.alberiki To the indifference or fear of the Zionists occupying Palestine, for they are a group that gathered from the ends of the earth, to occupy land that is not theirs, so he wrote:How do you fear people without humanity who gathered from every spot to form a corrupt criminal group called the Zionist entity ..!? God is above them, displacing them on the earth for now and until the Hour comes. They are enemies of religion and have no shelter … # Statement of Sheikh Al Khalili represents me.

As for Ahmed Salem Al Hinai He stressed that defending Al-Aqsa is the duty of every Muslim, stressing that there is no such thing as the “State of Israel”, but rather an occupation of the State of Palestine by force of arms, and that the right must be returned to its owners. “Yes, it is the duty of every free person who holds a human conscience, and the religious duty comes upon all the Islamic nation, and as I said earlier, there is no state of Israel. There is no state of Israel that is occupied and usurped by force of arms. Its name is Palestine, and no matter how long the truth is, the companionship should return. If after a thousand years the reality will not be master # The statement of Sheikh Al Khalili represents me. “

Pudding He tried to explain the contradiction that was apparent between the statement of the Grand Mufti and the statements attributed to a source in the Omani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which supported the Emirati move, so he considered that the Mufti Yan comes in the context of the freedom that Omani citizens enjoy without other Arab peoples in the Persian Gulf states, He wrote: “# Bayan_Sheikh Al-Khalili_ represents me. Yes, it represents all of us. Some believe that the statement opposes government policy, but in fact it is a large area in which the monkey exercises his legitimate right away from the corridors of ambiguous politics.”

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As for the expense Departing, He expressed his dissatisfaction with the Omani move completely differently, as he tweeted a picture of the sewage cover in Palestine, and wrote: #The statement of Sheikh Al-Khalili represents me … a sewage drain cover made in the Palestinian city of Haifa in 1927, meaning that it is older than the rise of many countries that have no history that have been cleansed today. “

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Sultanate of Oman announced its support for the UAE’s decision on relations with the occupation entity. The official spokesperson for the Omani Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed his hope that “this decision will contribute to achieving comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East and in a way that serves the aspirations of the peoples of the region in sustaining the pillars of security and stability and advancing the causes of progress and prosperity for all,” as he put it.

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