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Sunday November 22, 2020

The most prominent new Honor devices in the Egyptian market on November 21

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Honor announced several new devices in the Egyptian market on November 21, 2020, the new devices are a new phone, two hours, and a new headphone, I try to write an introduction without telling my opinion about the devices directly, but I do not find them worth buying either, it is not hate in Honor, but the time It is too early to think of such devices, as the sale of Honor was only less than a week old, but I am talking about the phone here, watches and headphones I can carry another opinion about them, but in general this news let’s talk about the devices announced by Honor in the Egyptian market.

Honor 10X Lite specifications


HiSilicon Kirin 710A
the screen

6.67 inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 1080 x 2400


4GB capacity
Internal storage memory

128GB capacity

Back camera


The first camera is 48MP and f / 1.8 aperture

The second camera, Ultrawide, with 8MP resolution, f / 2.8 aperture

The third camera is 2MP, f / 2.4, and Macro

The fourth camera has a 2MP resolution, f / 2.4 lens slot, and a depth sensor

Front camera

Single 8MP f / 2.0 aperture

the battery

With a capacity of 5000mah, it supports 22.5Watt fast charging


Honor 10X Lite price

The most prominent new Honor devices in the Egyptian market on November 21 1

3333 pounds, do not buy it, I do not find it important in the market at this price, not only for Google’s dilemma and the crisis of Google services, but its price is high without specifications, except for the battery, it can be good at fast charging, but conventional cameras, an old and uncompetitive processor, a regular duplicate screen, the closest competitor It is Redmi Note 9 that easily excels in everything, above all, a Xiaomi phone with Google services, I understand the launch of this device due to the blocking problems, but it was possible to use HiSilicon Kirin 810 as long as there is no support for Google services, but in any case, I think it is not worth the purchase .

Honor Watch GS Pro

The most prominent new Honor devices in the Egyptian market on November 21, 2

In the world of smart watches, there is no competition for Samsung and Apple watches. Take it as a rule. This Honor watch is not bad, but its price is 4333 pounds. This price gives you 25 days of use before you need to recharge it. A watch that works on a special system for Huawei for wearable devices, supports all The smart features of any smart watch, even answering calls through it, know how to buy this watch if you are thinking of a smart watch with this design, but let me remind you that there is a Oppo Watch with Android Wear at 4000 EGP which is a better option than my opinion, but the Honor watch is very good So, what design do you like, then?

Honor Watch ES

The most prominent new Honor devices in the Egyptian market on November 21, 3

There are smart watches, and there is a bracelet masquerading as smart watches, this is a smart bracelet disguised as a smart watch, its price is 1888 pounds. In my opinion, you only buy it if you want a smart bracelet with a bigger screen and an operating system closer to the smart watch system, but it is not a smart watch. I can tell it’s a smartwatch, is it good? About experience with Honor smart bands is good because Honor makes excellent smart bands. I have tried Honor Band 5 and let me tell you that it is a very excellent deal, as this “watch” may be a good smart bracelet.

Honor Choice TWS earphone

The most prominent new Honor devices in the Egyptian market on November 21, 4

When you buy Apple Airpods Pro from outside Apple, yes it is the same design, the same shape and the same design of the case even, but at 715 pounds I do not want to nominate it to buy I am not a fully wireless headphones, I tend to wired more, but an excellent price for headphones from a well-known brand, in the category Filled with headphones from relatively unknown brands, I chose this headphone highly for the nomination because it looks good headphones, and with distinctive technology, I do not recommend it because I am not inclined to wireless headphones, but if you want one this is an ideal option.

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