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Saturday May 23, 2020

The most prominent museums in Egypt –

Egypt is considered one of the most attractive countries for tourists, and the most important tourist destination for those who occupy his heart with the love of antiquities, it is a land full of history and culture, as it contains a variety of museums, historical monuments whose origin and history go back to Pharaonic civilization It is accepted for her love, and her viewing of tourists in addition to other famous tourist attractions that fascinated visitors with its beauty, and its luxury, where there are the pyramids, the Sphinx, the Nile, and the High Dam, as well as a large number of museum that includes the masterpieces of ancient Egyptian civilization and the civilizations of previous nations, which makes Egypt the place Ideal for foreigners on vacation and annual holidays so they prefer to visit Egypt in the winter due to its wonderful mild weather.

Egyptian Antiquities Museum in Cairo

This museum is located in the heart of the Egyptian capital (Cairo) in the center of the country and overlooks Tahrir Square, and it is considered one of the largest Egyptian museums, and the most famous of all has been opened in the era of Khedive Abbas Hilmi II, and that in 1902 AD the museum includes more than 20 thousand pieces Archaeological dating back to these two hundred years to dazzle everyone who sees them, and is proud of the Egyptian tourism, which made this museum top the list of the best museums in Egypt.

It is possible to spend an enjoyable day inside this museum, because it is characterized by a huge area where it contains two floors. On the ground floor there are old coins, a collection of metal artifacts, papyrus exhibits, and a variety of artifacts. The first floor is considered a place dedicated to excavation in the Valley of the Kings .

You can see a wonderful collection of distinguished works such as: the funeral mask of Tutankhamun, the statue of King Khufu, a collection of exhibits made of pure gold, decorated with precious stones, treasures of Tanis in addition to two halls with royal mummies You can visit this museum on certain days, and specific dates where You can visit it on days (Friday, Saturday, and Wednesday), from nine in the morning until five in the evening, and in the rest of the week the visit dates are from nine in the morning until nine in the evening.

The Nubian Museum, Aswan

This ancient museum was opened in Aswan Governorate in 1997 AD This museum was distinguished by the quality of the architectural design, designed by the Egyptian architect Mahmoud alHakim, under the supervision of a German design company, and the skilled engineer in the construction of this museum showed the nature of the surrounding environment, so this museum was built on It occupies a huge area, it occupies about 50 thousand square meters, in addition to its strategic location, overlooking the banks of the Nile in Aswan. This museum contains a wonderful museum museum attached to it. This museum is also home to archeology, and distinct artifacts that were rescued by UNESCO during the construction of the High Dam. On more than 3000 artifacts in which show the ancient Egyptian heritage and the development of Nubia, and in this museum there is a corner dedicated to displaying history, culture Nubia.

This museum receives its visitors on weekdays, and there are no days off, at the following dates: (from nine in the morning until nine in the evening).

Museum of climate change and fossils in Fayoum

This museum was opened in the year 2016 AD, and its aim was to enrich the world natural heritage, to serve educational purposes, and to increase the awareness of individuals about climate change, and the negative effects of this phenomenon that harm the environment, and human beings we must avoid, and it is located in Wadi Rayyan Reserve in Fayoum Governorate .

Encourage this museum Ecotourism Tremendously, it is considered one of the natural world heritage sites for the protection of reserves. It was established by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with the Italian government, and the United Nations Authority displays a wide range of fossils, exhibits related to geology in Egypt, and its history has a whale structure about 37 million years old.

You can visit this museum on all days of the week from nine in the morning until five in the evening.[1]

Alexandria National Museum

This museum is located in the heart of Alexandria (the road to freedom), and it is considered one of the museums that are characterized by unique architectural luxury and was designed in the Italian architectural style. In 1996 AD, the Supreme Council of Antiquities bought it, restored it, and opened it as an ancient museum in 2003 AD.

This museum consists of three floors containing an enormous collection, and a variety of distinctive antiques. It includes more than 1,800 artifacts representing the Egyptian civilization from its beginning in the era of the ancient state, and until the end of the modern era. It also contains a group of submerged underwater relics found by excavators While digging in Abu Qir Bay in Alexandria, this corner was named after the underwater art gallery.

This museum welcomes visitors on all days of the week, at the specified time from nine in the morning until four in the evening and half in the evening.[2]

The Museum of Islamic Arts in Cairo

This museum is located in the most famous squares of Cairo, which is Bab -Khalq Square, as it is close to the most famous Islamic architectural landmarks that express the greatness of Islamic civilization, and the grandeur of its arts such as: Muhammad Ali Mosque, Ibn Tulun Mosque, and Salahuddin Castle, so the Museum of Islamic Art was opened in 1903 AD , And the goal of its creation was to include Islamic antiquities And documents, and everything related to Islamic civilization from all parts of the world, and not only from Egypt, and indeed it included a variety of artifacts, and artistic expressions of Islamic arts from: the Levant, India, Andalusia, North Africa, China, Iran, and the Arabian Peninsula And, this museum was instrumental in enriching the study and service of Islamic arts.

This museum is considered one of the largest museums of Islamic arts in the entire world, as it includes more than 100 thousand artifacts, which some have called the lighthouse of Islamic Arts. The museum consists of two floors, the first contains exhibition halls, and the second contains stores, and up to 4000 artifacts Including wood, glass and ceramics.

You can visit this museum at the following dates: (from Sunday to Thursday) from nine in the morning until five in the evening, and (on Saturday) the visit will be from nine in the morning until nine in the evening, and for the dates of the visit in (Friday) It is divided into two times: the first from nine in the morning until the eleventh in the morning, while the second appointment is from one in the evening until five in the evening.[3]

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