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The most important tourist places in Seoul

Seoul in South Korea is a vibrant city, combining ancient history with design and very modern technology, the city is filled with a wide range of tourist attractions of all types, from outdoor adventures such as exploring Namasan Mountain and the surrounding park to indoor activities such as visiting a Seoul museum Numerous.

Tourist attractions in Seoul

Seoul is a city of nature, museums and palaces. It contains five huge palaces located throughout the city. Of course, Seoul is also famous for its food, especially delicious street food such as barbecue. Here is a list of the best tourist attractions in Seoul:

Seoul Tower

The Seoul Communications and Control Tower is located approximately 500 meters above the city, and provides great views of the city on the side of Mount Namsan. Gift shop, and there is a digital observatory too.

Bokhun Hanok Village

To savor traditional Korean culture and architecture head to Bukchon Hanok Village, which feels like 600 years old in Korea, which is located directly in the center of Seoul in the area between Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace, which is a unique place and a historical area that is very popular with tourists, thus It is a fun place to spend the afternoon.

Korean National Museum

This museum in Seoul displays the amazing history and works of art for Korea and the Korean people. The museum, which is one of the largest museums in Asia, is located in the Yongsan area. It focuses on archeology, history and art and includes a wide range of works and objects dating back more than a million years. Prehistoric sculptures, paintings, and other artworks.

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Lotte World Tower

Lotte World Tower is one of the newest attractions in Seoul, it rises 500 meters above the ground and is one of the tallest buildings in the world, and inside the tower there are offices, luxury residences and a hotel, and there is also a fish tank and a large shopping center.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Jeongbokgung Palace was first built in 1395, the largest of the five palaces in Seoul built during the reign of the powerful Joseon Kingdom, was destroyed and rebuilt several times over the centuries, and was restored after World War II.

Seoul Museum of Art

The museum contains a large collection of artwork, and the Seoul Museum of Art focuses on Korean art and Korean artists, but it also has a good collection of international works, the three-storey museum is in a large building that was previously the seat of the Korean Supreme Court.

The Blue House

The Blue House is the Korean version of the White House, it is the official residence of the Korean President and it is not a single building, it is a complete campus of buildings and all are built in the traditional Korean style and all feature distinctive blue tile roofs.

Pongiunsa Complex

Pongyunsa contains many Buddhist temples in and around Seoul, first opened in 794 and is a complex of multiple buildings and attractions, easy to visit because it is located in a central location in the famous Gangnam area, and the temple is located on the side of a low mountain in the Conference Center Street And the huge COEX mall.

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Kwanghuamun Gate

The main gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, the gate underwent many renovations and reconstruction and the last one was in 2010 when it was restored and rebuilt, there is a large square in front of you and the gate is located in front of the huge Gwanghwamun Square where there is a large metro station and a giant fountain and some huge statues of the leaders of the Joseon era.

Jingwansa Temple

Jingwansa Temple is located within the scenic landscape of Bukhansan National Park. It contains many traditional buildings surrounded by miles of walking paths, and offers many cultural and educational programs. It is located in the far west of the city, and is one of the four main temples of Seoul that were first built around 1000 before Christmas.

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