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Thursday February 20, 2020

The most important tourist activities in Green Cove Springs

Green Cove Springs has been named after this natural spring, which is constantly flowing to the surface. It is a city of about 7,000 people, in Clay County in Northeast Florida. Green Cove Springs is located along the western shore of the St. Johns River, it is Ideal for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, who prefer to experience hiking in the scenic spots.

The city is close enough to Jacksonville and St. Augustine to enjoy enjoyable historical excursions. Here are the most important tourist activities in Green Cove Springs, this charming city that ranks high due to the many attractive tourist attractions in it.

The Military Museum

The Military Museum is located in North Florida, on Bunker Street in Green Cove Springs, and is primarily a former naval air station, dating back to World War II, and is dedicated to honoring the men and women who served the country during times of peace and war. The museum contains an impressive collection of exhibits, for each Almost anything to do with war or any conflict in the country’s history.

Items on display include weapons, uniforms, planes and direct accounts for those who served the country, and the museum is open daily to visitors, and it takes about one to two hours to walk around. [1]

Spring Garden

Green Cove Springs has a few charming little parks, and Spring Park is one of its most popular parks, and the park includes a pool or pool that is one of its most attractive attractions, where the springs of cold water flow up and down, making it the ideal place to relax, During the summer days when the weather in Florida is hot.

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The park is located along the St. Johns River. Scenic Johns, you’ll find a children’s playground, hiking paths, lots of rocking benches near the water, shaded places to sit and relax and contemplate the nature around you so enjoy it.

Jacksonville Beach Visitor Information Center

No matter where you find it, visitor information centers are usually free, conveniently located and full of locals with knowledge, maps, and magazines that are available for free to enjoy.

The Jacksonville Beaches Visitor Information Center is located on Beach Street and is a great place to visit when arriving in the city, especially for those who have never visited Green Cove Springs.

The center opens its doors to visitors seven days a week, and travelers who spend time in the visit end up getting to know the best outings in the city with many ideas, which they may not have known before, and it is also common to make wonderful agreements with the center, on guided tours , About housing and the best places to eat.

Canoeing in the St. John’s River

St. River is located Johns River is a short drive from Green Cove Springs, and there are approximately 12 points to enter the river, in addition to being one of the entertainment centers in Florida, where rowing amid stunning views, and a number of important historical and archaeological sites surrounding the river.

While kayaking the river, you can enjoy watching a huge variety of wildlife. You will see different types of foxes and bobcat, many birds, and even famous creatures in Florida, such as manatees. [2]

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St. Augustine Museum and Maritime Museum

From north to south, and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf Coast, Florida abounds with historical lighthouses, these lighthouses meet the desire of visitors to the city of Green Cove Springs, who are looking for historical monuments, to enjoy watching them closely, and there is nothing more enjoyable than visiting the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

As the history of this building extends to nearly a century and a half of time, and based on the opinion of many previous visitors, they spent their most enjoyable time in the lighthouse and museum, and that visit was the most characteristic of their trip.

The museum section of the building features an impressive collection of souvenirs from the shipwreck, and the ground floor includes the house of the Lighthouse Ranger. There is also an attractive small café in the area, to enjoy lunch, or afternoon coffee. [3]

The ancient city of St. Augustine

Not widely known outside Sunshine State, but the ancient city of St. Augustine, is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the country, and for lovers of history, culture and the charm of the ancient world, the ancient city of St. Augustine is the perfect place to have fun, and have a pleasant visit to it.

St. Augustine includes many historical attractions, museums and galleries, shops up to its antiquated cobbled streets, and many shops for varied dining options.

The city also offers a number of guided walking tours, and for those looking for something extra special, horse riding options are available, knowing that housing in the area can be expensive, so consider visiting the city at a time other than the tourism season in it, if you want Save a few dollars. [4]

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Walter Jones Historical Park

The Jacksonville Walter Jones Historic Park is located along a scenic landscape facing the St. Johns River, and includes many important historical attractions, the main attractions in the park are the Mandarin House, the barn, and the one-room school, all of which give visitors a background on the life of Population in past ages.

Among the most famous events in the park, he spent at Mandarin House, in the winter, the writer and saint to combat slavery Harriet Beecher Stowe, and the house and the surrounding lands played important roles in civil war and maritime history, and the park has guided tours, which usually take Between 1-2 hours, however, the tour must be booked in advance, as it is arranged according to the ages and interests of the visitors.

The Treasure Museum

For many centuries the waters off the coast of Florida, filled with pirates and thieves, made the lives of sailors and coastal residents dangerous. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum in South Castillo Drive, the first destination for the Atlantic coast, for those interested in learning about the region’s past, how it has been largely characterized by pirates, shipwrecks and lost treasure legends.

The museum includes one of the world’s largest collections of artifacts and souvenirs, and its exciting, attractive, and entertaining exhibitions presented to the elderly and young people alike. Museum staff also offers a variety of special events and programs of interest to visitors. [5]

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