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Thursday January 14, 2021

The most important medical technologies at CES 2021

Recent innovations in healthcare were strongly present this year at CES in Las Vegas.
The Coronavirus crisis imposed need for new technologies to confront this epidemic and challenges it imposed in all health sector facilities. Here are some of most important medical technologies that appeared at exhibition this year, according to CNET website:

A hay fever treatment device without medication
Flu launched Flō device, which prevents body from releasing histamine when pollen, dust and or allergens enter body. Instead of using allergy pills, you can insert device into one nostril, let it work for 10 seconds, and repeat in or nostril. The device uses infrared rays with a delicate balance of wavelength, dose, strength and pulse structure to stop release of histamine and reduce inflammation.

Home heart monitor
HD Medical launched 7head ECG device, with temperature sensor, pulse oximeter, microphones to record heart and lung sounds, heart rate monitor and blood pressure sensor in a device smaller than GoPro camera, and anyone can use it at home It is designed to remotely monitor patients with heart problems every day and send this information to ir doctors.

A device for measuring blood pressure and sending information to doctor
Omron tries to make it easier to measure blood pressure at home and send data to attending physician, where a kit comes
The company’s new Omron VitalSight comes with a sphygmomanometer, scale, and a secure data center with a modem that automatically uploads blood pressure readings to your doctor.

Sleep tracking stickers
MALASTouch is equipped with a wearable wireless sensor that connects to your stomach and chest to monitor breathing rate, snoring, and rest during sleep, and sensors can tell us about sleeping positions, percentage of sleep in se positions and how your sleep is affected by se modes. For example, if you sleep on your side, but wake up on your back, patch will tell you how long you slept on your side and wher your sleep was getting better or worse when you switched to sleeping on your back.

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While it cannot detect if you suffer from sleep apnea, company says it is working on advanced versions of sensors that can.

A brush that knows how well you brush your teeth
Today, electric toothbrushes do a lot more than just brush your teeth, y actually know how well you brush your teeth, and Philips launched Sonicare Prestige 9900 toothbrush with sensors that detects how much pressure you apply while brushing your teeth, movements you make with brush and how well you brush each part of your mouth.

Helmet detects Alzheimer’s dementia
An electroencephalogram is used in doctors’ offices and hospitals to detect electrical activity in your brain to diagnose all types of neurological disorders, such as epilepsy and dementia. ISyncWave brings this process home using a portable brain mapping helmet that can detect early signs of Alzheimer’s dementia, and provide treatment for dementia, Parkinson’s disease, PTSD, ADHD, attention deficit, depression and or neurological issues.

Misbah is calling for help
Nobi lamp is equipped with sensors that know if you are lying in bed, sitting on sofa, or have fallen on floor, and if you do fall lamp will ask you if you need help. If you don’t respond, alerts are sent to family or caregivers and twoway microphone allows communication with person in need of help.

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