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Tuesday February 23, 2021

The most important longterm effects of Corona on children

PostCorona syndrome is a frightening phenomenon for many that causes m anxiety, especially after increase in symptoms that appear on a person after he has recovered from disease. These symptoms and effects are not limited to adults only, but may affect children as well.
Here are a set of longterm effects that may accompany children after recovery from Corona, according to what The Times of India reported:

Insomnia and mental health problems

According to studies, children recovering from Coronavirus tend to have an increased risk of sleep disturbances and complications such as insomnia. Sleep disturbances and insomnia can put children at risk of developmental and health problems, if y are not taken care of in time. Children may also be at risk of developing mental health problems, including mood swings and anxiety disorders.

Difficulty breathing

While children are more susceptible to respiratory illnesses like cold, flu, and allergies, postcorona syndrome can also leave longterm respiratory problems for younger children.

Nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, chest tightness and pain may be signs of common respiratory complications that children may experience after an uphill battle with Coronavirus.

Fatigue and muscle pain

Fatigue and muscle pain, result of inflammation in muscle fibers, can be as common in children as it is in adults. According to studies, up to 15% of children complained of pain and fatigue, weeks after recovering from Corona infection.

Difficulty concentrating

Brain disruption, disorientation, and symptoms that can affect cognitive performance can drain children and undermine ir lives. According to researchbased results, about 10% of children reported that y had problems with memory, and had difficulty concentrating repeatedly.

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Risk of seizures and paralysis

A study conducted in United Kingdom to track pediatric Corona patients showed a risk of disabling health problems such as paralysis, seizures and severe headaches.

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