Various hair dyes contain chemicals, which give a different color to the hair color under different trade names and colors. The desire to renew and change the hair color to add an aesthetic touch to the appearance of the woman, makes her look for the colors of hair dyes and their names to choose a suitable type at a simple cost and a color that goes with it, so In this article, we will explain the most famous hair dyes, their distinctive colors and their well-known names, so that you can choose from them an attractive and new look.

The most important hair dye colors and their names

hair dye colors
The most important hair dye colors and their names

There are many exciting colors of pigment, to suit all personalities, there are warm colors and there are warm colors and cold colors and others, so we will present a list of the most prominent and popular pigment colors, including:

Rose gold color

The golden color appeared in hair dyes many years ago, but varying degrees of other colors have been added to the golden color, including the pink color, where the golden color is warmed with pink to make the color more calm, you can choose this color if you have blonde or wheatish skin .

wooden color

This shade of colors has become at the forefront of hair dye colors and their names commonly used among Arab girls. The woody color is a warm color that gives boldness and suggests an independent and strong personality. It is also graded with the usual hair colors so that you can use it on tufts of hair or on the hair as a whole.

coffee color

The smell of coffee with its color that stimulates the most beautiful feelings, provokes the desire to use hair dye in shades of copper known as coffee colors, as it is a color that suits all personalities and ages, you can use coffee colors if you have a brown or brown skin.

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Violet hair dye

Violet hair dye
Violet hair dye

The color of boldness and the desire to renew and revolutionize the fashionable, the purple color attracts the attention of young girls, and is also suitable with the winter season, and it is one of the colors that suits all skin tones, and is more attractive on dark brown hair.

caramel color

A color that is out of the ordinary in the list of hair dye colors and their names, and it is known as the mocha color. It is one of the modern modern colors that give the hair a warm color that matches the colors and clothes of winter. One of the most famous names of mocha hair dyes is L’Oreal 613, which is a safe dye for hair without ammonia. .

Chocolate color

The magic of chocolate and its warmth in a dark, yet daring shade, mixed with red and ginger hair dyes, to suit working ladies in the morning and evenings in the evening. Elegant hair with a calm and distinctive color in chocolate hair dyes.

brown hair dye

Brown hair dye colors are the most used because of their closeness to natural hair color, in addition to being compatible with all occasions and looks. Among the shades of brown hair dye:

  • Blond blond.
  • gray brown;
  • Hazel brown.
  • copper brown;
  • caramel brown;
  • Chocolate brown.

red hair dye

red hair dye
red hair dye

Red is one of the loud colors that suit girls in adolescence and young adults, and it is a bold color that expresses a bold personality with independent components. The red color in its degrees suits the summer, and from the degrees of red hair dye:

  • Red to orange.
  • Burgundy.
  • Light red.
  • Dark burgundy.

Platinum or silver color

It is known as the metallic silver color, and it is one of the distinctive colors that give the hair a unique and different look. .

Gray mixed with blue

The color of young girls or university age, it expresses ambition and zeal at this stage of girls’ life, so the gray-blue color is a new color that gives your hair a mixture of feelings of confidence, activity and vitality, and is in line with those who love wearing jeans.

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The most important hair dye colors and their names 2022

Hair dye colors and their names

The renewal in the colors of hair dyes was not a complete renewal, but some new colors were added, as well as mixing colors with other colors, as major brands competed to produce dyes in new colors that fit the fashion lines and modern looks of women starting from young ages, so hair dye colors were produced Modern and new, including:

Gray blond color.

Dark black colour.


Silver color.

Lavender pink colour.

Yogurt blond color.

hair dye brands

There are hundreds of brands that produce hair dyes with various names, colors and ingredients, so you must first know the ingredients of each brand in the list of hair dye colors and their names before choosing a dye. Among the most famous brands of hair dyes in the market are:

  • Garnier NUTRISSE NOURISHING Dye: The Garnier brand is known for its high-quality ingredients, so Garnier dye is chemical-free and contains natural ingredients with avocado and grape seed oil extracts, which give hair moisture and natural shine.
  • L’Oreal healthy look dye: one of the best natural dyes without ammonia, so it suits all hair types without harming it, and you can use it to cover white hair completely.
  • Wellacolor Touch Dye: The best hair dye suitable for white hair, as it is effective in covering white hair completely, in addition to its importance in nourishing the hair with the extract of natural oils.
  • Matrix dye: Matrix hair dye gives calm and comfortable colors that suit calm personalities. It is also 100% natural, free of ammonia, without a strong smell, and it lasts for long periods.
  • Egdifi dye from Claire: In its hair dye, the Claire brand relied on several natural oils rich in minerals to nourish the hair with the dye.
  • Garnier Olia Dye: This dye is specially provided for women with dry hair, as dry hair is exposed to great damage with repeated dyes, so they can use this dye with its oily texture to additionally moisturize dry hair.
  • Revlon ColorSilk Dye: One of the best brown hair dyes, it is rich in natural oils such as argan and avocado oils.

Tips for choosing a suitable hair dye color

Before choosing from the list of hair dye colors and their names, you should know how to choose a dye type that matches the nature of your hair and gives you more beauty and brilliance, instead of the dye having a negative effect on your look, so there are several factors that govern how to choose the right dye color, including:

  • Choose the color of the dye to suit the skin tone. Light or blonde skin suits the colors of light dyes, while brown and burgundy skin suits brown colors in their degrees.
  • Focus on the color of the eyes when choosing the color of hair dye, the color of the eyes is reflected on the face, as well as the color of the hair, so it is important to choose the color of the hair dye close to the color of the eyes.
  • Do not go too far from the original hair color when choosing a hair dye color, so we advise you to lighten the color of the dye or darken it from the hair color only by 2 or 3 shades.
  • Avoid heat and chemical products on the hair, with a lot of cream baths for hair.

Finally, the list of hair dye colors and their names is long to mention, but they are rich in colors that suit each personality and their preferences, so just choose what suits you and take care of your hair.

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