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Thursday December 17, 2020

The most important foods with superb healing power

It is known that a healthy diet affects human health positively, and that many foods have antiinflammatory properties and various diseases, wher acute or chronic.
The following is a group of foods that fight many diseases in a superior way, according to what was reported by “MSN” website:

Asparagus for high blood pressure

Asparagus contains a natural diuretic component, which helps body get rid of excess fluids and salts. This is helpful for people who suffer from edema caused by high blood pressure. Additionally, B vitamins in asparagus can help combat cognitive decline and depression. If you suffer from gout, be sure to minimize your consumption of asparagus because it contains purines, which can cause painful attacks.

The tea is antiinflammatory

A chemical in tea, called latinin, expands gammadelta T cells (immune blood cells that are body’s first line of defense against all types of infections) by up to fiftyfold. However, tea can reduce iron absorption by more than 80% when consuming an ironrich meal. Drinking tea between meals or adding lemon to reduce this effect.

Onions for lung cancer

A study by Journal of National Cancer Institute reported a strong association between high intake of dietary flavonoids, such as those found in onions, and a reduced risk of lung cancer. Onions may also help boost good (HDL) cholesterol.

Cheese for dental health

The fats naturally present in most cheeses cover your teeth and act as a natural barrier against bacteria. Cheese also contains casein protein that provides natural tooth protection. But aged cheeses, like blue cheese and Camembert cheese, can cause migraines in some people.

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Lemon to treat kidney stones

The citric acid in lemon juice helps ward off some types of kidney stones by reducing excretion of calcium in urine. Lemon peel is also rich in a compound called rutin, which can strengn walls of veins and capillaries, thus reducing pain of varicose veins.

Bananas for treating depression and anxiety

A mediumsized banana contains 30% of recommended daily intake of vitamin B6, which helps brain produce mature serotonin. It also gives you tryptophan, which relieves depression and anxiety.

Mustard to strengn bones

Mustard contains manganese and phosphorous, which contribute to strengning bones and teeth. Mustard also provides selenium, which may protect against cancer and heart disease, and magnesium, which helps reduce inflammation, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Bran to treat diverticulitis

Including wheat bran in a highfiber diet can help prevent diverticulitis, an intestinal disorder in which small, bulging pockets of colon wall become infected or inflamed. However, phytic acid present in raw bran prevents body from absorbing calcium, iron, zinc and or important minerals.

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