A child’s intelligence depends on his mental abilities, that is, the extent of his mind’s ability to analyze and conclude, in order to confront problems with a set of intellectual skills, and strong mental abilities in a child, as some children’s behavior reveals to us the extent of their mental intelligence. There are many individual differences between one child and another, and it can be Distinguish the intelligent child from infancy through what we will address now.

Behaviors that reveal the intelligence of the child

Behaviors that reveal the intelligence of the child
Behaviors that reveal the intelligence of the child

There are many behaviors that the child exhibits and indicates his clear and intense intelligence in relation to all the people around him, and all of these behaviors appear in the following:

  • His skill grows more than his friends: The smart child can talk at an early and small age about his friends and peers, and he can easily interpret the words that come out of him, and here many specialists confirmed that the smart child can read at the age of four, as this expresses his severe manipulation of symbols, and his thinking Persistent with the things around him.
  • It has a very high concentration: The intelligent child pays attention and focuses on all the things around him, as he can focus on topics that are classified as older than his age, interfere with them and give good opinions towards them, giving the child correct and successful views regarding many of the things or situations that he is exposed to on a daily basis.
  • Troubleshooting: The intelligent child is interested in solving his problems in several different ways, without relying on other people even if they are his parents, as he prefers to atone for a long time to search for a solution to the problem facing him, and this child may seek many times to solve the problems that may face his friends at school or in club.
  • Isolation is preferred: The intelligent child feels his high and distinctive ability to solve problems, and is well aware of his opinions and correct ideas that are taken in different situations, and out of their concern for the feelings of other children, they prefer isolation, so that another child does not compare himself to him and be psychologically affected, especially since the intelligent child has Distinctive emotional feelings.
  • Inquisitive: The intelligent child is interested in asking many questions and inquiries, which do not suit his age at all, as he is interested in getting to know everything that surrounds him, and is also interested in all the contradictions that surround him, about what the people around him do and what they talk about, so it is necessary to pay close attention When dealing with this very intelligent child.
  • vigilance of his movements: The smart child is the one who tries to gather as much information as possible and move in an unusual way, as he does not prefer calm and being in the same place for a long period of time, because he seeks to do many, distinctive and impressive things for himself, and for all the people around him as well.
  • Interest in books and reading: A smart child wants all the time to learn a lot of useful and innovative things, for this reason he constantly resorts to reading books, especially as it is one of the best ways that can help him develop his skills, and satisfy his intense desire to learn new things, unknown to many people.
  • creativity in play Playing for a smart child is not a normal thing to bring out his energy like other normal children, but it is an important thing through which he tries to develop his imagination skill, as he tries to organize things and invent many useful things, through his exciting and different games.
  • Messy handling A smart child is a naughty and messy child of the first degree, due to his constant and desperate attempts to discover the environment around him, so he works to open all the cabinets in the house, or he disassembles the electronics from each other in order to discover what is inside to satisfy his curiosity.
  • He remembers all the details: A smart child is distinguished by his unique and exciting ability to remember small details that he may have been exposed to before, and this is one of the favorite things, especially for his teachers and parents, as this child is distinguished by his ability to remember things even if a long period of time has passed.
  • Does not stick to early bedtimes: Many studies and scientific research have confirmed that a smart child cannot sleep early, especially during vacations, as he wants to wake up for as long as possible, so he sleeps for very short periods, in order to spend a special and enjoyable time discovering the things around him.

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Ways to develop a child’s intelligence

Behaviors that reveal the intelligence of the child
Behaviors that reveal the intelligence of the child

There are many simple and effective ways that can be followed to develop the child’s different intelligence and skills, and all of these methods appear in the following:

  • The mother, as well as the father, needs to provide a good environment for their children, and this can be done by placing the child with another group of intelligent children, so that his intelligence levels increase, and the child begins to think like his friends, by playing, talking, and studying with them for a relatively long period of time The child must also be kept away from negative friends, so that he is not affected by them in his thinking and actions in general.
  • It is important for the mother to pay attention to the healthy diet of her child, as many specialized doctors stress the need for the child to eat a large amount of vegetables and fruits daily, in addition to the need to eat cereals that contain a high percentage of protein and calcium.
  • The mother needs to motivate her child to practice his favorite and enjoyable hobbies on a daily basis, and she also needs to read a daily story to him, which includes many tips and distinctive situations, where the child learns many good and positive behaviors from those interesting stories and novels, but the mother needs to choose the stories that commensurate with his age.
  • Many specialist doctors advise that the mother should play with her child on an ongoing basis, and it is preferable to choose good games that do not harm him and do not affect him negatively. Cubes, colors, and puzzle games are among the best games ever, especially as they increase his levels of intelligence.
  • One of the best gifts that a mother or father can give to children is the love of good work and education, as the mother needs to motivate her child to go to kindergarten or to school, in order to acquire good skills and concepts that help him manage his life in an orderly and scientific manner.

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How do I know the IQ of my child?

Behaviors that reveal the intelligence of the child
Behaviors that reveal the intelligence of the child

This question preoccupies the minds of many mothers, especially in our society today, as there are some simple methods that can be resorted to, to determine the child’s IQ, and these methods appear in the following lines:

  • Conducting individual intelligence tests: It can be done by his own teacher, or by a psychologist who specializes in these matters and dealing with children.
  • Through school exams: The school conducts these tests on a monthly basis and collectively, as the child’s grades help in identifying his or her IQ with the utmost simplicity and ease.
  • A set of subtests can be performed: Which is divided into more than one branch, or more than one of the areas that the child is exposed to on an ongoing basis, and after all of them are completed, these tests can all be combined with each other, and to identify the IQ more accurately.
  • The mood and psychological state of the child: It is one of the best ways to determine the IQ. If the child is in a cheerful and happy mood all the time, this indicates that he is a normal child with a high IQ.

It is also possible to identify the child’s intelligence rate by observing him, especially since the intelligent child does not interfere with his emotional matters, or the feelings he feels, with the learning matters that he is exposed to on a daily and continuous basis.

Behaviors that reveal the intelligence of the child
Behaviors that reveal the intelligence of the child

In conclusion, we hope that we have provided all the information related to our article for today about the intelligence of the child, the behaviors that reveal the extent of his intelligence, and how to develop and develop these skills.