The world’s most famous olive-producing countries

The continent of Europe includes nearly 500 million olive trees, which produce more than three quarters of the olives grown in the world, followed by the continent of Asia. Spain and Italy were the two countries that produced the most commercial olives in the late twentieth century; Each of them contributed more than a quarter of the world’s total production, followed by Greece with more than a tenth of global production, and other important producing countries: Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria and Portugal.[1]

The production of olives by the European Union, according to the statistics of the year 2017-2018, represented 31% of the world production, while the State of Egypt accounted for 16%, the production of the State of Turkey was 15%, Algeria was 12%, Morocco was 5%, and Syria was 4%, Peru 3%, Argentina 2%, the United States 1%, as well as Tunisia.[2]


Spain produces about 5,276,899 tons of olives annually, most of which is concentrated around the Andalusian region, from which 75% of it is obtained in Spain. The United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Portugal and Italy are the international markets for olives produced in Spain.[3]


Italy is the second largest producer of olives in the world, and it produces about 3,220,674 tons of it annually. The southern region produces about 80% of Italian olive oil. Sicily, Apulia, Calabria, Sardinia and Basilicata are the main areas of production; These areas enjoy relatively warm temperatures, suitable for olive cultivation, and the United States, Austria, Brazil, Canada, and China are the main foreign markets for it.[3]


Greece produces about 2,232,412 tons of olives annually, and its cultivated land constitutes 60% of its agricultural land. The Peloponnese region produces nearly 65% ​​of olive oil in the country, followed by Crete, the Aegean Islands, and the Ionian Islands.[3]


Turkey produces about 1,292,072 tons of olives annually, most of which is concentrated on the coastal region along the Aegean Sea. It has major olive markets in Middle Eastern countries such as: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and Japan.[3]

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The most famous countries in the world in olive cultivation

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