This city is located in the middle of the desert of Yemen and is home to nearly 7,000 people. Its history dates back to the sixteenth century and is known as the Manhattan of the Desert. It was a crossroads between Asia, Africa, and Europe. It also includes the tallest mud buildings in the world, reaching a height of From 5-11 floors, it should be noted that these buildings are subject to erosion due to wind and rain, but layers of mud are regularly placed on them in order to preserve them.[1]

Socotra Island

This island is located in the Indian Ocean, specifically between Somalia and Yemen, and a group of Belgian specialists visited this island and found a number of cave inscriptions known to be texts in the Indian Brahmi script, in addition to many texts written in different languages ​​such as Arabic, Ethiopian and other languages, in which the history dates back to the first century BC, and due to the diversity of its lifestyle, it is considered the most exotic place on Earth.[2]As it contains a group of trees that resemble elephant legs, in addition to a group of pink flowers at its top, and it has a number of birds that a visitor cannot see anywhere else in the world, such as: Socotra starlings, and Socotra dates. It should be noted that The only mammals found on the land of this island are bats, and in 2010 the ruins of the city of Socotra dating back to the second century were discovered, by a Russian archaeological team.[3]

The old city cherished

This city is considered the third largest civilized center in Yemen, and the Rasulid sultans built many palaces along with many religious schools and mosques, and there are many religious monuments to this day, and in late 2018, work began on repairing the National Museum next to the Husseiniya dome, which It is a mausoleum dating back to the old Ottoman era.[4]

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The most beautiful scenery of Yemen

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