Video about Saudi founding day Exclusively, we present it to you here through our article. With the date of the Saudi founding day set on the twenty-second of February, the Saudis celebrate this distinguished day, each in its own way celebrates this busy historical occasion, which was launched under the slogan of its identity “a fat day”, May this day be the launch of the country’s glories for three hundred centuries in a row.

Saudi founding day

The Saudi Founding Day is an important national day in Saudi history. It was launched by the Saudi leadership in late January of this year 2022, by a royal order to adopt the twenty-second of February of each Gregorian year as the day for the founding of the country, thus linking its ancient past, whose roots extend back to Three hundred centuries in a row, with the precursor of its present and future, the country also adopted a distinct slogan for this day, like the rest of the important days in the country’s history, and chose this slogan under the title (Fat Day); In order to achieve the desired goals of adopting this day, they are as follows:

  • The founding day aims to be proud of the efforts of Imam Muhammad bin Saud and his rising role in establishing the first Saudi state.
  • Foundation Day aims to connect the past with the present and a bright future.
  • The founding day aims to document the history of the Kingdom and its history dating back 300 centuries.
  • The founding day aims to clarify the depth of belonging to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The founding day aims at sensing the first beginnings of the founding of this state.

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Video about Saudi founding day

The site offers you exclusive, distinguished video contents on the occasion of the Saudi founding day that you can watch and share with your loved ones “from here”; Where this link will take you to the wonderfully designed video that reflects the glories of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.; The video of the Saudi founding day is one of the most prominent festive posts on the occasion of the Saudi founding day, to be shared with the Saudi masses of the people of the kingdom and those residing on its lands.

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The most beautiful video about Saudi founding day

Everyone is keen to share the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the most beautiful videos on the occasion of the founding day, this day that the country celebrates for the first time since its founding, which has been more than three hundred centuries. “; It is not pleasant on the day of the Saudi establishment without the country’s participation in their true affiliation, which unites the sons of the nation with their kingdom.

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The most beautiful phrases of congratulations on the founding day 1443/2022

After we presented you with the most beautiful video of the Saudi Foundation Day, we offer you the most beautiful expressions of congratulations and blessings on this distinguished day in Saudi history, which has its roots in 1727 AD:

  • “A Fat Day” is a beautiful expression for our beloved kingdom to celebrate its founding day, which dates back to three hundred centuries ago. Every year and my country is a thousand good.
  • Be proud, my country, of your glory and your rich history, and every year and our kingdom is good and safe.
  • May God bless the Kingdom and keep it and Adam its security and peace.
  • Here we are today celebrating a great day in Saudi Arabia, a day that belongs to our great grandfathers’ arms in establishing the country, so what a great day!
  • I congratulate my dear compatriots on this beautiful occasion, and I congratulate them on their leadership.
  • I pray to God, on this distinguished occasion, to preserve this blessed country and give us more will to achieve more great achievements.
  • Today we celebrate the anniversary of the founding of this great and blessed country. Every year and my country, Saudi Arabia, is a thousand good.

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The most beautiful pictures of Saudi founding day

On the occasion of the Saudi Founding Day, there are many distinguished images that you can share in this celebration and the wonderful occasion of the country, and for this we provide you, through this paragraph, the most beautiful images of the Saudi Founding Day as follows:

The most beautiful pictures of Saudi founding dayThe most beautiful pictures of Saudi founding dayThe most beautiful pictures of Saudi founding day

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Here we bring you to the end of this article; through which we have provided you Video about Saudi founding day It is a clip and montage with mp4 technology for the participation of the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on its founding day, which is listed among the distinguished historical days in the country of Saudi Arabia.