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Some believe that the common nightingale is the best songbird, as this bird emits many beautiful sounds, and the outward appearance of the male nightingale is similar to that of the female, and these birds feed on different types of plants, insects and seeds, and invertebrates are the main source For food, the female nightingale lays four to five eggs in her nest and then incubates them for a period of 13 to 14 days, and the nightingale bird prefers to hide among trees in the forests, and it should be noted that the weight of this bird ranges between 16 to 39 grams.[1]


Canary birds are one of the most pets that people enjoy owning. These friendly and gentle birds can tweet in a fun and poetic way. It should be noted that only the male canary can sing and tweet beautifully, and the canary bird is distinguished by its different colors and sizes, and it can be purchased from one of the stores Animals at a reasonable price, and the average lifespan of a canary bird is from five to six years, and some of them may live for ten or fifteen years. Also, care must be taken to provide drinking water on a permanent basis for these birds; They cannot live a day without water.[2]


The goldfinch is considered one of the birds distinguished by its singing and singing, and due to the wrong practices and illegal activities incurred by this bird, it has become protected, and it cannot be bred and acquired, but only watched and enjoyed by watching and hearing it in the wild. With its beautiful colours.[3]


The Blackbird is famous for its beautiful songs and superior intelligence; The young blackbird learns a variety of songs and melodies, and despite the beauty of the voice of this bird, it is rarely found among people as a pet. At the present time, it is forbidden to own the blackbird as a house bird.[3]

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