The most beautiful thing said in the fall

  • Autumn is described by some as the master of the seasons, as it is part of the awakening of spring, part of the heat of summer, and part of the warm cold of winter.
  • Autumn has many features, its cool breezes coat the streets in golden color, although it is the color of the leaves of its trees withering, but this is an indication of a new resurrection, for after every death there is inevitably life, this is how God created his nature.
  • Autumn is a season of migration, but after every fall there is spring to come.
  • In the autumn the peacock sheds its feathers, as the trees shed their leaves.
  • Autumn is similar to old age in man, because in it leaves fall and flowers wither, as time does in man’s old age.
  • The death that pervades the universe in autumn is very similar to the cracking of the edges of a wound before it heals, the buds wilting before the fruit ripens, and the changing of the face of the clouds before an exciting rainy day.
  • Autumn is a symbol of saving, frugality and reserve.
  • The autumn season is moderate, it combines intense heat and severe cold.
  • It was said that the autumn season is the spring of the soul, just as the spring is the spring of the eye.

Talk about autumn and sadness

  • Autumn is said to be the worst season of the year, as it is the season of old age and farewell.
  • The fall season is cold and crusty, and it sends sadness and melancholy in the soul.
  • Autumn is the only season capable of charging yourself and your soul with all kinds of feelings and sensations at the same time, during which you feel both joy and sadness, and despair and hope for the coming spring together.
  • Autumn is like a state of death and birth. This is how the ancients used to see it. If the world calms down and its breath is described, this means the approaching of a new creation on earth.

The most beautiful thing that was said about the description of the autumn season

  • Autumn is said to be the healthiest season of the year in time, and the easiest in time, and it is one of the two equinoxes, the middle ones between the two solstices.
  • Autumn is the season that brings the poisons gone, the clouds come back, the daughters of the vines are squeezed, and the colors of the drink and the food multiply; And where the purity of the rivers is intertwined, it resembles midwives with magic.
  • In the autumn the earth showed its fruits, and declared its adornment; And the sky unleashed its waves of waves, and announced the spilling of its water; The resources became the stuff of files; The purity of its chagrin, and the politeness of its turbidity.
  • The days of the autumn season are golden, and among its fruits are what its mothers are still pregnant, and its leaves are bright and others wither, and it is likened to lamps and its branches are like chains.
  • In the autumn the air cools, the times change, the fruits shrivel, the face of the earth changes, the leaves of the trees turn yellow, the beasts shrivel, the vermin die, the insects thrive, the birds seek warm places, and the world becomes as if it were a managed man.

Poems about autumn

  • The poet Badr Shaker Al-Sayyab says in his poem on Autumn Nights:

In the sad autumn nights

When nostalgia overwhelms me

like heavy fog

in the corners of the road

In the corners of the long road

When I am alone and this deep stillness

kindle memories

With your pale smiles

All the lights of that distant road

Where was the meeting?

In the silence of the evening

Will the passion return again?

Promise me if he comes back.. what torment

Promise me and the remnants of the wind passed

With leaves confused and depressed

Then you fall towards the sad lamp

We’re done..don’t you remember?

We’re done.. the morning has come

Light pours over the relaxation of the lips

The dissolution of the long embrace

Where is the pain of leaving?

Where do I not forget you?

In the autumn nights

When I listen and nothing but the rustle

As poor as a prisoner’s love

Afraid to awaken the sleepers

So go away in the dark

Watching the remote anime

Obscured by the remnants of a cloud

It was replaced by memories

Singing far far away

On harvest nights

The faces of hungry women

Then the iron resonates

Take away the wretched slumber!

In the autumn nights

When I listen and died to the rustle

and air –

The evenings play the dimensional

In depression, causes tears


In my imagination, nostalgia overwhelms me

where were we?! Do you remember

where were we ?! Do you remember the evening?!

In the long autumn nights

Oh if you knew

How can sorrow and boredom overwhelm me?!

In my ribs the darkness of the prisoner’s graves

In my ribs becomes the response

In the dirt that was my mother: Tomorrow

He will come, don’t worry about wailing

The world of death where the terrible stillness!

I will go as I came Alas

I will go and still under the sky

Despots are draining blood

I will pass and remain the eyes of tyrants

get sparkle

Who set every house on fire?

The bayonets are shining

In the deserts and from the eyes of the hungry

I will go and remain in agony!

You will live after me, and have fun

In love again

I will forget and forget but an echo

who sings

On the lips of the victims – or else they will die.

  • The poet Yasser al-Atrash says in his poem After the Autumn with Two Clouds:

No one celebrated the stranger’s birthday

Half of me to the sun

And the sun is setting..

My mother was crucified on the flesh of weeping

She says: Don’t be sad.

the rain will do you justice

No one celebrated the fruit of the poor..

and landed

From above towards the pier of your name

Back on birthday

And a woman who will forget..

The one who makes you cry


don’t blame me

I hid from every confession


for your summer absence

be sad

their voice is tunnel

But I stole you from the fall…

O you who were born between water and fire


Half of your heart is a refuge

And the half is the window of the princess

I locked it

on the ashes of life

and extinguished

To get back into the crowd…

Is it time for you to come to my voice?

Let’s start a snoring

After autumn with two clouds

We cry whatever we want

And we cry…

Is it time to close your eyes?

cactus of truth

who passes you

of the violet cities

O you who are haunted by rain


The pigeon will eat you.

be sad

Because you won’t be a fighter

And because they will hang on the light of your hands

gallows of peace


on your forgotten birthday

Your voice..only stirs my blood

And the night picks up – as it usually does – the wrong

and the heart

Shubbak dear village

Dust wrapped the neighing of her lust

and sleep

The most beautiful thing said in the fall