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Thursday October 15, 2020

The most beautiful natural destinations around the world

Before we get into the mainstream of our topic today, we must make it clear that tourism is just like coffee. Each of us prefers it with a certain taste and there is no better flavor than the other at all.

Today we will talk more about the flavor of natural tourism and the most preferred destinations for lovers of this type of travel and tourism.

In the name of God we begin ..

Let’s start from the continent of Asia, specifically from the most famous places at all:

the moldive Islands

The Maldives, which number about 1,200 islands, are grouped into a doubling chain of 26 coral islands in the Indian Ocean, which is also characterized as one of the most popular tourist areas in the world, although it is the smallest Asian country.

More than 80% of the country’s land is made up of coral islands that rise less than one meter above sea level. They are spread on both edges of the equator, part of which is located in the northern hemisphere, while the other part is located in the southern hemisphere.

This unique environment makes the Maldives a center of attraction for visitors from all over the world, as tourism is focused on exploring its environmental masterpieces or enjoying one of its luxurious tourist resorts that provide an ideal haven on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

Cappadocia / Turkey

One of the famous destinations in Turkey, is a historical region in Central Anatolia.

One of the most popular tourist areas in Cappadocia is the chimneys of demons in Goreme, which are natural mountain chimneys that dot the village. Goreme includes ancient houses carved with rocks and ancient churches, the most important of which are the Church of Taukle and the Church of the Apple, in addition to the bathroom towers. Cappadocia includes a group of Turkey’s unique hotels, mostly in the form of caves and houses hewn into the rock.

One of the most famous activities in the region is riding in air balloons, which will enable you, dear reader, to watch one of the most beautiful sunset views around the world.

El Nido Island / The Philippines

It consists of several islands, numbering about 45, located in the southeast of the Philippine capital, Manila, at the northern tip of Palawan Island.

The island stretches along the seashore and the buildings on it were designed in a country style to suit the nature of the place. Visitors to the island of El Nido can practice all tourist and entertainment activities on the island’s beautiful beach that inspires vitality and a strong desire to enjoy the magic of the place, there are water sports such as windsurfing with sailboards, parachutes, jumping in the water, diving and enjoying seeing coral reefs and rare species of marine creatures.

Ha Long Bay / Vietnam

This bay is one of the most important natural attractions in Southeast Asia, as well as one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. Spread in Halong Bay, a number of beautiful islands, numbering up to 1969, as well as a group of amazing rock formations, including caves and wonderful rocky paths that are worth exploring, and perhaps a boat trip will allow you to discover more of these magical treasures that you always find. The focus of attention of tourists from all over the world, just save your camera to capture the most beautiful photographs of your trip.

National Forest Park “Zhangjiajie”, China

The National Forest Park of China is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in China, known for its towering sandstone pillars. It is preferred to explore it on foot for a unique experience, and when the clouds fall and at sunset you will fully realize why this area was an inspiration for many traditional Chinese paintings.

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Wadi Rum / Jordan

It is also called the Valley of the Moon due to the similarity of its terrain to that of the moon.

It is a tourist valley located in the south of Jordan, 70 km north of the coastal city of Aqaba.

It is characterized by the presence of relatively high mountains in it, as it has the highest mountain peaks in the south of the Levant, namely: Jabal Umm alDami and Mount Ram.

Wadi Rum is one of the most touristy areas in Jordan that tourists come to from all over the world due to the nature of the site, which was not made by any human being, but rather it is an act of nature despite the presence of Thamudic and Islamic inscriptions.

In the Wadi Rum region, there are many tourist camps that replace hotels, as it is a nature reserve, and hotels are not allowed to be built in.

People come from all over the world to experience Wadi Rum. Make new friends and enjoy the unique sense of exploring Bedouin camps. Who knows, you might encounter adventure travel friends as you continue your journey through Jordan.

There is no internet connection in most of the valley camps and there is no cell phone signal in some parts of the desert, which makes the place suitable to get away from the noise of life and provides the opportunity to spend time on the self and meditation and with friends and family.

The Twelve Apostles / Australia

It is a row of enormous stone columns located on the Australian coast, which were formed over thousands of years, and perhaps the strongest moments experienced by tourists in the region when the sun sets or sunrise after they climb the stairs on the sides of these huge stones until they see the ocean as they have not seen it in their lives and One gets distracted between looking long at the place or taking pictures of remembrance in an area of ​​dazzling beauty.

This region is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world in terms of nature and it is the essence of Australia, which is visited by more than a million tourists alone annually.

Rotorua region / New Zealand

Perhaps the scent of smart flowers and plants that smells from all the streets of the region, as if someone is scenting the streets, is one of the most beautiful things that you will admire and it may be the reason why this city won the title of the most beautiful city in New Zealand 6 times in a row.

The city includes 16 wonderful lakes, all of which were formed from the craters of dormant volcanoes, to add another advantage to that city. If you are lucky and visit the lakes, you will find many tourists gathering to enjoy excellent opportunities for fishing for trout.


It is not possible to talk about the most beautiful natural destinations around the world without referring to this charming country that entered the heart of everyone who visited it.

The foothills of the European Alps on Swiss lands are considered the most picturesque regions in the world, as they give tourists enjoyment of stunning natural views that are unmatched anywhere else in the world and are also distinguished by the vast green spaces that touch the horizon.

What distinguishes this region is also the green rural areas throughout the year and its hotels built in highaltitude areas that overlook the world from a rare angle, giving visitors a pleasure they will not find anywhere else.

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Hallstatt / Austria

This village is located along the shores of a vast and sparkling lake surrounded by towering mountains, and it is also a favorite destination for travelers seeking calm and relaxation in the heart of nature.

Not only do the surrounding mountains provide a picturesque backdrop, but are home to a number of caves, including the famous Ice Cave and Mammoth Cave.

The ice cave is closed from late October to May, but the upper sections, Dachstein and Alpine huts open in winter.

Svalbard Islands / Norway

In the middle of the Arctic Ocean, between the Arctic and the Norwegian lands, are the Svalbard Islands that are the perfect destination for exploring polar life, as thousands of polar bears make Svalbard one of the best places in the world to see these creatures.

One of the distinctive things about this region is that from October 26 until February 14, the sun does not rise at all due to its proximity to the North Pole, which means that it is also possible to see the aurora at noon times.

Skogavos / Iceland

We are still in the northern hemisphere near the North Pole, with a drop of 200 feet below sea level, one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland, which is 25 meters wide and has a drop of 60 meters. Due to the amount of spray the waterfall produces continuously, a single rainbow (sometimes a double rainbow) appears, usually on sunny days.

Legend says that the first Vikings settler in the area was buried behind that waterfall, as the locals found the corpse that had not decomposed due to the low temperatures in the region, and next to it was a treasure, but they could only hold a ring, and the latter is currently on display in the area museum.

Good news for fans of the Vikings series and Flocky in particular, isn’t it?

Biauvija forest

UNESCO included it in the World Heritage List and considered it a natural reserve.

It is located in the Eastern European region, and is located between Poland and Belarus.

The green vegetation of the forest cover, which consists of ancient perennial trees in history, and the presence of rare animals made it a destination for millions of tourists annually, as all nature lovers and lovers of taking beautiful memorial photos visit it, and many visit it to enjoy watching the European bison, which is one of the strongest and heaviest wild animals European.

Let’s move to the brown continent and the planet’s treasure, specifically:

Bwindi Forest / Uganda

Bwindi forest is one of the last strongholds of the endangered mountain gorilla, it is distinguished by the density of its trees and it is one of the places under the protection of UNESCO as it contains a tremendous biological diversity of living creatures, where more than 348 species of birds and 220 species of butterflies can be found within An area of ​​331 square kilometers.

Mount Toubkal / Morocco

Mount Toubkal reaches 4,167 meters in length, and for that reason it was dubbed “the roof of North Africa”. The visitor to this mountain experiences a unique experience, as the road to its winding summit passes empty valleys, sacred shrines from the past, in addition to towering snowfields, and then reaches a series of high hills to give it amazing views incomparable across the Atlas Mountains. It is a peaceful world away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby city of Marrakesh

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Samburu forest / Kenya

Samburu Forest is located in the heart of Kenya, and because it is not easy to reach, it is a safe haven for the most fragile and wonderful wild animals in the continent of Africa. Visitors to this forest can see the endangered reticulated giraffe, zebra.

As for the other side of the globe, it is not without charming places and natural destinations that attract many tourists from around the world and the first

Denali National Park / Alaska

One of the quietest places on earth and its 6 million acres area provides the perfect opportunity to escape from the noise of the world, whether on a mountaineering adventure or a bus ride along Denali Park Road. Plan to visit it in the winter for a chance to see the Northern Lights.

Horseshoe Mountain Bend, Arizona

Horseshoe Bend is located in the Ozark Mountains within the state of Arizona, USA, and the reason for its name is the horseshoe due to its shape that resembles a horseshoe.

The horseshoe is one of the natural wonders of the world as it is located in a whole world of sandstone and red rocks lined with a wonderful art scene overlooking the Colorado River and is an ideal starting point for visits to Arkansas and the surrounding places that are most attractive to tourists in the state of Arizona.

Badlands, South Dakota

Known for its rich fossil foundation, the indigenous Lakota tribe named it for its arid and extreme terrain, it is unlike anywhere else in the United States.

The short door path offers wonderful views of the surreal rocky peaks that blanket the landscape. It is possible to camp in it, and watch the sunrise paint the rocks in wonderful colors.

We move south towards South America

Gran Sabana / Venezuela

It is one of the major tourist areas in Venezuela, in the southern state of Bolivar, which borders Brazil.

The landscape dominates the place, which tempt tours, whether in jeeps, canoes, or even walking with guides.

The dense jungle contains exotic plant life, about twenty thousand orchids and many endangered animal species, including jaguars and giant armadillos.

The rock is one of the oldest rocks on Earth, with a history of two billion years, making it one of the nine oldest geological regions in the world.

Atacama Desert / Chile

The sky of the Atacama Desert is the clearest and cleanest on the planet!

As it is the world’s premier destination for stargazing, and the Atacama Desert in Chile is the driest on Earth, which means that clouds do not exist, so even without a telescope, you will get wonderful views of the night sky that will take your breath away.

Our blue planet is full of treasures and natural destinations that are still waiting to be discovered, so why not, dear reader, think about giving yourself the opportunity to do one of these adventures that will never be remembered with you.

Oh God, travel …

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