• I will still love you and if I wait for a long time… If you were not my destiny, then you were my choice

• If longing shakes you one day, and you do not see me, this message represents my tongue. I love you

• A question raised..from an ambitious person..do I have a place in your heart? Or is there a rash!!?

• And my secret is not hidden from you, I love you, pure gold, and if you order my soul, you will see what is enough for you

• I planted you in my veins and called you the sight of my eyes and I gave you all my feelings and said that you are my family and my people

• If love were words written, my pens would have ended, but love is soul, so is my soul sufficient for you?

Your heart is calling

And the soul after you is a mirage

All faces are missing

And your absence is deceiving

• O Hadi in your lungs

And say in your word

And my head in your walk

I miss you

• No matter how far you are, I miss you, and no matter how much you stop, I need you, my life, my world, no matter how much you make your excuse

• You are my eyes. I had love with an eye. You are my soul, my silence, and my inspiration. You are the only one who embraces my wounds

• And I love others, and you know me, they would say your name, I would see death and love you

• I wish to hug you and the world stops for years and you feel my embrace, my longing and nostalgia

• I hear you walking in the middle of my heart and I cry to you, and people count your walking as my heart beats

• A glimpse of sadness from your eyes will kill me without a cause, and a smile of satisfaction from your lips will live me a lifetime

• I wanted to let you know that you are: the most beautiful dream I have ever had, the sweetest chest I held, and the most precious love in my heart that I had

• You are all sincere feelings, love and sweet messages, and your love is the warmth of my soul, and in you is the love that is indescribable

• If I talk about you, what is in my heart, my papers complain of words of love and my papers get bored of them

• And I love others, and you know me, they would say your name, I will see death and love you

• Do not be ashamed to say: I love you, I am tired of hearing, please, my friend, do not be ashamed to say it

• O bird, give salutations, and two thousand kisses are a gift for the one who loves me, cherishes him from the heart of sincere intention

• Love made lovers die, and your love is my life, and if I had to choose a homeland, I would say your love is my homeland

• If you had the largest scale in the universe, you would not be able to weigh and know how much I love you, my dear

• I tried myself on the day I live without you, I found the heart that amuses me after what became your madness

• Your memory in my heart throughout the ages and your name engraved in me how beautiful its letters

• I would like to be closer to you than blinking to the eye, and I am your eye and possess its sight

• Oh, the heart of a heart that does not know love and love collapses on top of it, the afflictions of its ribs

• If I said I love you little in your right, and if I said I would die in you, I would not give you all your right, I am all yours

My love, if a day passes and I don’t see you, I look at you in my imagination, as if I came and watched you

• The night comes and he asks me why I see you keeping me up, so I answer I wait for a lover who yearns to write to me

• I give you peace, what is promised, a bouquet of roses and a kiss, and I am waiting for a response from you?

• Come to court quickly, quickly, do not delay quickly. I want to register my heart in your name

• Woe to me, O sparrow, believe me, O things without what I have written, and I turn in my heart, your name is engraved

• Do not think that this is the sound of your mobile phone alerting you to a message. This is the cry of my heart saying I miss you

• The one who loves you is difficult to make you. Your luck has given you a person with tricks that boils you

• If someone other than me is a writer of you with lines, you see me engraved with gold that you will not erase by sea

• Many others email you with better expressions, but I don’t think they conveyed my love and appreciation for you

• I am your heart and its beats, I live in the kingdom of your light, my love for you is constitutional, and I am governed by the remains of you

• O cloud of friendliness, greet my friend and say to him: You see my longing for him as far as the eye can see and as wide as the sea

• You are my love and love without reasons Your love with my blood runs through my veins

• I didn’t see your zombie, I traveled all the troubles, and if I lost my mind, I wouldn’t like it

• I love you and will make you dear, and I fear the world will forget you, and it will not make you ask about a person who dies in you

The most beautiful messages of spinning