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Monday January 20, 2020

The most beautiful lakes in Switzerland for tourism

Human comfort has always been to watch charming landscapes, and one of the most beautiful of these divine views is to watch the lakes close-up, because of its special charm that gives a feeling of comfort and tranquility to the soul, and the city of Switzerland includes the most beautiful lakes in the world at all, and those looking for recreation and rest go to it immediately To see the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland for tourism.

Switzerland’s most beautiful tourist lakes

As we mentioned, the city of Switzerland is one of the European countries that has a share of the enchanting divine beauty. It is represented in mountains, lakes, and stunning scenery. Among the most beautiful Swiss lakes for the following tourism:

Lake St. Moritz

Lake St. Moritz is one of the most beautiful lakes surrounded by stunning landscapes, tourists come to it from the far corners of the earth to enjoy its beautiful beauty, in the winter white snow covers the lake in a charming panoramic view, and in the summer visitors enjoy the beauty of the water springs that were discovered more than 3000 years ago . [1]

Ocean Lake

The Swiss Ocean lake is surrounded by mountains from all directions, and from the beauty of the Ocean Ocean lake it was listed by UNESCO as one of the most important tourist sites, and throughout the half year from December to May the lake and mountains cover the snow in a magical view, and that lake is one of The most famous salmon fishery.

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Lake Geneva

It is the largest lake in Europe and the most attractive to tourists, not only because of the sheer size of the lake but also because of the surrounding tourist attractions, it includes a huge fountain which is the largest fountain in the world, and tourists can practice several sports activities in tourism, such as rowing, swimming, diving and sailing. [2]

Lake Cyberger

Lake Seiberger is characterized by a magical location, in the middle of a natural reserve to which I added the beauty of Rabbani, making it a charming artistic painting, so tourists from all over the world come to her and they practice several tourist activities, including walking along the lake in specially prepared paths, and relaxing on the seats allocated to Lake shores, water activities such as diving, swimming and snorkeling, and capture the most beautiful memorial photos in this vast amount of enchanting natural beauty.

Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne extends into the city in a magical sight to the Swiss Alps, and what distinguishes this charming lake is the possibility to take a lake trip by boat along the lake, and enjoy the beauty of the city on an unforgettable journey from memory.

Lake Thun

The lake was named after the city of Thun located in it, and it is a destination for those looking for recreation, and who wish to enjoy the practice of water activities, that lake formed by the water gathering resulting from the floods, one of the warmest lakes encouraging to swim in it, and because of its proximity to the Alps it provides the most beautiful scenery affected Kernels. [3]

Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano was given this name because of its proximity to the Italian border, Lugano in Italian means charming, and Lake Lugano is distinguished for enabling visitors to take water trips by boat along the lake, and to see the most beautiful villages surrounding the lake, in addition to the lake enjoying the presence of large fish such as catfish and locusts The sea, in addition to the existence of a fossil site dating back to ancient times. [4]

Lake Wallin

One of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland for those who want to take a distinguished tourism trip, because the lake has many waterways that help the visitor to take a pleasant marine tour, which is surrounded by high mountains and highlands, in addition to the presence of distinctive fish restaurants scattered on the shores of the lake, to eat the most delicious fish meal at all.

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Lake Lungerne

For lovers of family trips or individual trips, Lake Longern is considered the ideal destination to enjoy practicing all the tourism activities around it.

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