Whoever has lived a long life has experience and wisdom in life, for life is nothing but a theater and everyone is represented in it, and everyone plays a role in its course, so everyone has his own imprint that he puts in order to benefit others.

Try to enjoy seven qualities: rest your body and heart, surrender your honor and religion, do not grieve for what has passed, do not carry a worry that did not descend upon you, do not blame people for what you have, do not seek punishment for what you did not do, and do not look with lust for what you did not have. Do not be angry with someone whose anger does not harm you, and do not praise someone who does not know otherwise.

If you can’t find what to die for, there is nothing to live for.

If you want to learn, you must taste the pain.

The blind wish to see the world, the deaf wish to hear voices, the seated wish to walk steps, and the dumb wish to say words while you watch, hear, walk and speak, so did you praise the Lord of the earth and the heavens?! Ahmed your Lord Say (Praise be to God) in any case.

Most people walk in and out of your life, but your true friends are the ones who have a foothold in your heart.

Be in the world like a player, not like a referee, the first looking for goals and the second looking for mistakes.

Do not stop too much at the mistakes of your past, because they will turn your present into hell, and your future will be a wreck.

Choose your words before you speak and give the choice enough time for the maturity of speech, as words are like fruits that need enough time to ripen.

From the etiquette of dialogue, think a lot, conclude long, talk a little, and don’t neglect everything you hear, you will definitely need it in the future.

Among the etiquette of marriage, marry someone who is good at conversation. When you get older, you will know the importance of that when talking with your loved one becomes the top of your priorities and interests.

One of the etiquette of talking on the phone When the phone rings, smile while you meet the headset, because your talker on the other end will see your smile through the tone of your voice.

If you love someone go to them and say you love them unless you don’t really mean what you are saying because they will know the truth just by looking in your eyes.

Do not hesitate to feel sorry for the one you have wronged, and look into his eyes as you utter the word sorry, so that he can read it in your eyes while he hears it with his ears.

A successful person is one who closes his mouth before people close their ears and opens his ears before people open their mouths. Discussing trivial matters takes a long time because some of us know more about them than about important matters.

Do not judge a person from his relatives only, as a person did not choose his parents, let alone his relatives.

Life is full of stones, so don’t stumble upon them, but collect them and build a ladder with them to rise towards success.

It is not difficult to sacrifice for a friend .. But it is difficult to find a friend who is worth the sacrifice.

The most beautiful judgment and lessons in life