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Wednesday September 30, 2020

The most beautiful hotels in Farasan Island: Tourism in Farasan Island

In the south of the Red Sea, specifically near the Jizan region, there is an archipelago consisting of several islands, the most important of which is Farasan Island, which is one of the poles of distinguished tourism in the region. It is rich in tourist attractions that appeal to visitors and attract many tourists.

Today, we show you the most beautiful hotels in -Jizya and what distinguishes them:

Forsan Coral Resort

It is considered the best in Forsan Island, because it offers upscale accommodation and services.

The resort offers a variety of rooms and chalets, 5star service, 24hour room service, and it provides guests with a 24hour reception.

The resort is surrounded by a garden of 8000 square meters, in addition to a children’s play area.

The fluffy tower

The Watheer Tower is located on Corniche Street on Farasan Island, making it easy to access the city’s vital facilities.

It also offers 24hour room service, free WiFi, babysitting service, as well as a fitness center and spa.

All resort rooms are fully furnished and contain air conditioner, telephone, mini fridge and flat screen TV.

Forsan Park Resort

This hotel offers a 24hour reception as it is conveniently located on Ghadeer Beach.

The resort offers a quiet stay atmosphere on Farasan Island, and it is one of the most beautiful accommodations on the island with various services as well as private chalets for accommodation.

Saso Suite Hotel, Forsan Island

This place provides a beautiful and quiet stay for the guests, and it is characterized by a private sufficient and a beautiful garden, and also it consists of rooms and suites and has apartments and also very elegant and elegant villas and chalets.

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