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Monday January 20, 2020

The most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic –

The Czech Republic, the continent of Europe, is one of the most important tourist cities, as it includes three ancient historical regions: Bohemia, Silesia and Moravia, and the official language is Czech, and its capital Prague is one of the oldest European cities and also one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

The most beautiful cities Czech

The city of Prague

One of the largest Czech cities, it is located in the northwest of the Czech Republic and its climate is moderate, and includes a huge set of tourist attractions, including the ninth century Prague Castle, which is a group of antique Roman buildings, and the Charles Bridge that cuts the Vltava River, has been opened in the century Fifteenth, surrounded by many statues, some dating back to the eighteenth century. [1]

The city of Prague also includes the medieval Prague astronomical clock, which includes statues of apostles exchanging out of its windows with its amazing beat, and Prague also includes Wenceslas Square, which is a square filled with famous hotels, shops, and restaurants, in addition to the famous St. Wenselas statue, which is a wonderful shopping plaza .

It also houses the Dancing House, which is the title given to the National Building Nederlanden. It was opened in 1996 AD, and it is a building in a unique architectural style, topped by a French restaurant with unique panoramic views of the city. Prague also houses the famous Lennon Wall with its engraved drawings inspired by the music of the bands, and it has a square The old town that houses a number of churches of unique architecture.

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The city of Marianske Lazne

One of the most beautiful cities of the Czech Republic for medical tourism, it is one of the oldest cities interested in the science of physiotherapy for more than 200 years, and it has widespread sanatoriums, which come to tourists annually for treatment in the springs of therapeutic waters, and also includes parks of charming beauty, such as the Bohemian Garden, and includes A group of buildings with distinctive architectural style.[2]

The city of Karlovy Vary

One of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic with natural beauty, it is a destination for tourists wishing to spend a wonderful recreational vacation, located in western Bohemia, the city is crowded with springs and wonderful health spas, and charming landscapes, also includes many antique buildings and the twin church and chimney glass.

Czech city Krumlov

A charming city to spend a happy holiday or a special honeymoon for new married couples, the city is characterized by a quiet and romantic nature, it has many tourist hotels with distinctive service, in addition to many cafes and shops, and being the old town, it includes many statues and buildings dating back to the Middle Ages.[3]

The city of Olomouc

Among the most important and most beautiful tourist cities in the Czech Republic, it was created ancient to serve as a Roman fortress against the colonists, and includes many tourist attractions, including the Olomouc Castle built in the twelfth century, as well as old religious buildings with a wonderful Baroque architectural style, and includes an astronomical clock and a museum Distinguished technician, a popular destination for tourists.

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The city of Plzen

The city of Plzen is one of the largest Czech cities that includes many landmarks with distinctive architecture, including many cathedrals and buildings with a long history, and teeming with many factories that make up a large part of the country’s economy.

The city of Ostrava

One of the third largest cities in the Czech Republic, and one of the most attractive to tourists, as it includes many charming panoramic landscapes, and many buildings of antique style, in addition to the most important tourist attraction in it, which is the Ostrava Silesian Castle, and includes the Ostrava Museum, Ostrava Zoo and Landik Park, the city is one of the most important tourist cities in the Czech Republic .[4]

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