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Tuesday March 24, 2020

The most beautiful 18 ancient cities in Europe – the most beautiful ancient cities in Europe

Europe is always famous for its natural beauty, however, we must admit that it is its cities that make us return to the continent again and again. These European cities have enough culture, restaurants, architecture, cobbled streets, and stunning mountain views ….

Here are the 18 most beautiful cities in Europe.

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Constantly voted as one of the best cities in the world, the Czech capital is full of impressive architecture, mountain views, and charming markets. Head to the old town between 67 in the morning before the rest of the tourists wake up.

2. Porto, Portugal

The city was distinguished by the amazing architecture of the city and public art. Don’t miss the ornate Lello Library, which is reported to have inspired the author of the Harry Potter series.

3.Bern, Switzerland

It is not only a political center of Switzerland, but also one of its most beautiful cities. Built around the Ary River, the city has stunning views from all angles, including covered walkways and the charming old town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

4 Athens, Greece

Visiting the worldfamous monuments in Athens is like traveling in time. The city was famous for its stone works dating back to 400 BC, not to mention the sculptures of the deities that still exist.

5. Florence, Italy

All Italian cities are beautiful, but Florence is still unparalleled in history, art and architecture. You will find traces of Renaissance aesthetics throughout the city such as The Santa Maria del Fiore (The Duomo) and Santa Maria Novella Church.

6. Bruges, Belgium

Thanks to the quiet channels lined with trees and cobbled streets, it is easy to see Brugge as a large fairy tale. Much of the city’s charm lies in the properly preserved Old Town, built between the 12th and 15th centuries.

7. Budapest, Hungary

In it you will find the best art nouveau architecture in Europe. In it you will also find famous hot baths. You can walk the Széchenyi Chain Bridge at night to see unforgettable views of the illustrious Hungarian Parliament over the Danube.

8. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh has its endless green hillside and fascinating history looking great in all seasons. In it you will find beautiful Gothic buildings, the Royal Milestone cobbled, and the 12thcentury castle square on top of the hill.

9. Innsbruck, Austria

Surrounded by ski slopes during winter and mountain hiking trails during summer, it is a place for adventurous travelers. But the Tyrol capital is more than just a place to sleep between exploring the hills, its museums and medieval old town are worth a visit.

10. Bergen, Norway

No nonstop trip to Norway is complete in Bergen, the country’s second largest city. The ideal town for photography contains everything the Norman villages are famous for: a picturesque harbor, colorful rows of wooden houses, sweeping views of the surrounding fjords and mountain range known as the Seven Mountains.

11 Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul continues to attract us, be it through the Grand Bazaar or the new old aesthetic in Karakoy. The architecture is still beautiful here, as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia feature prominent displays of both Byzantine and Ottoman styles: think of the huge domes, colored mosaics, minarets, and Islamic architecture.

12 Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has an enduring charm that makes you want to book your next flight before your current trip ends. Tivoli Gardens, which dates back to the nineteenth century, make all other recreational parks very ordinary! Whereas the bohemian town of Christiania is the land of dreams. Of course, there are plenty of hiking trails, sidewalks, countryside, and the old town.

13.York, England

From scenes of River Ouse to the narrow alleys and medieval walls, York is the English city you’ve been dreaming of. Be sure to visit the Chapter House of York Minster to see the best aesthetic of stained glass.

14.Vienna, Austria

It is not surprising that Vienna won the Best City in Europe award at this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards. Between visiting the opera and sampling from Sachertorte, be sure to visit Schönbrun Palace, Vienna’s most popular attractions.

15 Ljubljana, Slovenia

The capital of Slovenia is romantic, charming, and clean, after it was named “Green Capital of Europe 2016” by the European Commission. You can stroll through the pedestrianonly Old Town, sip a coffee on the banks of the lush Ljubljana River, or enjoy Baroque architecture and the 16thcentury Ljubljana Castle on top of the hill.

16 Seville, Spain

From its ancient town (the third largest city in Europe) to the worldfamous tapas scene, Seville blends modernity and history with the same ease as the famous flamenco dancers. Game of Thrones has made the Andalusian capital a central location for its fifth season and beyond, placing places like the lavish Alcazar in Seville on a pop culture map.

17. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is practically overflowing with short story charm thanks to the colorful buildings, tower castles, and beautiful location of the Baltic Sea. The city has one of the best preserved historical centers in Europe, with many medieval churches and commercial houses under the protection of UNESCO.

18. Nuremberg, Germany

The German cities are marvelous, their cities breathtaking, although somewhat similar. But Nuremberg stands out for its distinct blend of old and new. It was once the “informal” capital of the Holy Roman Empire and the early capital of science and invention.

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